Luke and Rylie

"Twisted love is sometimes fun. It's mysterious. You never know what might happen. You could end up like me, but the best and worst part is, the love never goes away; even if you want it to."


10. Part 10

Luke, Michael, and Rylie got back to the hotel around 3 am. Paul was required to stay over night which meant the schedule for everything would be thrown off, but that was okay. Rylie said goodbye to the two boys as she got her room key, and headed up to her room. She demanded she stay alone without any roommates because she wasn't one to share. She unlocked the door, and flicked the light on, showing a clean, simple room in front of her. Her bags had already been placed on the bed, and she was beyond tempted to go to sleep, but she knew she wouldn't be able to. She just wanted to figure out that feeling Michael had given her. It was so confusing. She would dwell on it too long.

She walked over to the window, and looked out into the night. Street lamps below her presented teenage girls and paparazzi that hadn't been there before. Right in the midst of them was of course, Luke and Michael. Immediately, she headed back down to the lobby to join them because there was nothing else to do.

When she stepped one foot out of the hotel, eyes were on her. Eyes of every different color followed her movement as she walked over to Luke, and wrapped her arm around his. It was almost comical the immediate gasp emitted from the crowd.

"Are you two dating?" a middle aged man with a large camera asked. That was when she realized how simple of a gesture had revealed the very thing they hadn't explained. It was out. They were dating. She wasn't that popular, but Luke was on the verge of fame, and this was easy news.

Luke looked down, and met Rylie's eyes, smiling as he answered. "Yep."

There was some gasps from girls, but the paparazzi only smirked, seeing dollar signs before their eyes, and snapped a couple more pictures before deciding that was enough and leaving.

The girls took their turn to swarm around Luke like flies, and she allowed him his space to sign, and get pictures.

His eyes just lit up at the attention, and Rylie couldn't help but smile. This was truly one of his first mobs, and it must have felt amazing to be recognized for hard work. He looked dumbfounded, foreign to the immersion.

As she marveled at the man she could call hers, a young girl, no older than 13, walked over to her, her head bowed slightly.

"Well hello." Rylie smiled, kneeling slightly to get closer to the girl.

The girl looked up, and smiled timidly, exposing blue and pink braces. "Hi, I know you write most of One Direction's songs, and I think you're really talented. So could I maybe have a picture?" her question ended with a high squeak as her nervous shiver took over.

Rylie touched her heart at the beautiful girl. It was completely unusual to have fans  come up to her with puppy dog eyes asking for a picture, and it was indescribable how thrilled it made her.

She took the girl's iPhone, and held in front of them, smiling big as she captured the moment. As she handed the phone back, she made sure to give the girl a big hug. "Have a safe trip back home."

"Thank you!" the girl squealed as she ran off, and Rylie smiled, for she made her night.

She turned her head and nodded at Michael before finding Luke's lanky body in the midst of teenagers. He looked so satisfied, and the girls around him were absolutely stunning. Rylie gulped, feeling her body tense. She wasn't jealous at first, but then she remembered that her and Luke were only 18. The girls talking to Luke were definitely capable of being that age, and they continued to flirt like it was nothing. Rylie wasn't the jealous type, and she knew Luke would get this attention by many other appealing girls for a while, and she had to be okay with that. This happened with Liam, and it would happen with Luke, but it still rubbed her the wrong way.

She quickly strode over to him, and stared one of the girls up and down, indicating she should back away. Her shorts were way too high up, revealing her panty line, and her shirt was too low. Rylie looked to Luke, and saw him trying his hardest not to look at the girl, which ,made her feel a little better for his decent behavior.

"Hey...babe." she cooed, her hand finding his lower back. She tried not to grimace at the word 'babe'. She hated pet names like that.

What was she doing? She was acting pathetic, and never acted this way, but Luke brought out her protective side, showing no one could have him but her. He was probably laughing so hard on the inside, knowing her actions were strange and unneeded.

Since everyone in that spot knew what she was doing, the girls thanked Luke for the pictures, and immediately scattered, leaving Rylie smirking at her accomplishment.

Luke turned to her, and placed his hands easily on her shoulders. He raised his eyebrows as if to question her.

"What?" she asked nonchalantly.

"What was that?"

"What was what?"

"I think someone's a little jealous."

Rylie laughed nervously. "Me? Jealous? No." she avoided his eyes because if she looked at him, her eyes would give away the lie.

"Rylie." Luke stated her name, obviously not believing her.

"Well can you blame me Luke? You're like...perfect, and I'm nothing compared to those girls." She looked down again, biting her lip deeply as her face showed the mild shock at how she just admitted those feelings to him. It was embarrassing, and she could feel the heat rise in her cheeks, and she wanted to run away.

His eyes were on her, blazing into her soul like hot fire boiling at her skin. Those piercing blue eyes were icy, but steaming with a strange look she couldn't make out. She was traumatized, frozen to the spot.

Then she felt those strong arms wrap around her, and pull her into him. She rested her head on his chest, the soft fabric of his shirt soothing to her ear.

"I'm not all. I'm clumsy, insecure about my feet, and I'm way too stubborn." his chin rested on the top of her head, and she could feel the vibrations of his words. "But trust me. Those girls have nothing on you. You're absolutely stunning, and the first time I saw you, I just had to have you as my own."

The words lightened her downcast mood slightly, but she still felt upset. Then she noticed how fast his heart was beating, rapidly thumping faster as each second rolled by.

"Are you okay?" she pulled away, placing her dainty fingers over the patch of his heart, and looked up worriedly.

"Yea, I'm fine. It just does that when you're around."

Okay, that made her forget why she was even upset in the first place, and she couldn't hold back the wide smiling spreading across her face. "Alright, Mr. Charming, it's been one day we've been together."

"One day, one week, one year. Doesn't change my feelings for you." Luke smiled big as well, obviously proud of his remarks.

Rylie's feelings were on overload. She was shaking, and couldn't stop her heartbeat from amplifying, and attempting to burst out of her chest. Her body couldn't handle the impact of Luke's angelic words, and she had no idea how to return the favor. She was great with words, and description, but Luke left her tongue dry with no vocal recognition.

So she opted for the one thing she could do that required no words. She stretched her legs, balancing on her tippy-toes, and pulled Luke's lips down to meet hers. It was an ordinary kiss, but there were fireworks. There was always fireworks when they kissed, and Rylie loved it. The sensation of his lush lips on hers was a feeling she could never get with anyone else.

She pulled away, leaving him pouting for more. "Well goodnight."

"Goodnight." Luke ran his hands down the length of her arms, sending goose bumps in a frenzy on her skin. Then, he leaned down, kissing the tender spot right between Rylie's eyebrows.

She reluctantly pulled away, blowing kisses all the way until the elevator doors closed. He was staying on the other side of the hotel.

When she got to her room, she unlocked the door, and collapsed onto the bed. The butterflies in her stomach were desperately trying to escape as they poked at her insides. She pulled the covers out from being tucked in, and climbed under the cold sheets. There was no focusing enough to get undressed or even take her makeup off, so she allowed the darkness in the room to absorb her.

After the minutes dragged on, Rylie gave up on sleep, and frowned at the unwelcoming silence. She was dismal because she could hear her own heartbeat and it made her insanely lonely because she would rather hear Luke's.

At that moment, the familiar ring of her phone snapped her out of her lonely thoughts, and she looked over to see Luke's name flashing on the screen.

She quickly grabbed it, and swiped. "Hey." she said.

"Did I wake you?"

"No I can't sleep."

"Me either." Luke admitted. His voice sounded different over the phone. "We should go on another date tomorrow."

"Oh yea. Where?"

"We'll be in Colombia. Which means we can drink at 18. Which means I'm voting a bar." Luke stated, excitement in his voice, and Rylie pictured his eyes light up.

"We'll see." she laughed.

A bar would be fun. She had been to a party and had some to drink one time in America, but she hadn't been drunk before. She was a little worried that she would get drunk and do some things she might end up regretting. Nevertheless, it was time spent alone with Luke. Alone would be nice seeing that if you travel with a band, you have baggage of an entire circus of people.



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