Perfect Match || m.c.

Luke and his sister ,Bella, always fought. Not like regular siblings. Like full on yelling and screaming. Bella wasn't happy. She was depressed, and she needed love. Well she has parents, right? All they care about is Luke, Ben and Jack. She was an accident. She needed love. And she got it.


14. C h a p t e r T w e l v e

Heyyy I can't believe it's at chapter twelve already!!!

Bella's pov (3months later)

I walked all the way to the house. I snuck in and wrote a page for each boy. I was moving. Out of the country. To Italy. (a/n: guys I'm like half Italian lol I had to put this in here)

"I can't believe I'm doing this." I said to myself as I left the notes on the counter. I heard small quiet steps coming down the hallway. I gasped lightly and hid in one of the cabinets.

"Oh, Bella please come back." It was Calum. "Please, I was just being stupid and mean and I didn't know what I was saying." He said his voice cracking multiple times.

"No Cal please don't cry. Please no." I whispered so only I could hear.

I've seen Calum cry and it's awful. I hated it, it was probably one of the worst moments of my life. His bottom lip pokes out and tears just roll down his face. For a while I thought it wasn't gonna ever stop and I was about to have to excuse myself because I can't stand seeing him like that. I was thinking about just jumping out of this cabinet and hugging him as tight as I could.

"Please come back." He sobbed out and put his head on the table. My heart broke. A tear rolled down my face and I closed my eyes.

"I hate myself." That was too much. I jumped out of the cabinet and grabbed Calum.

"Calum please never say that again please, it wasn't your fault." I said quickly. He screamed like a little girl before he hugged me back.

"Bella?! Thank god you're okay. In so sorry for everything. You're like an older sister to me please never leave again, especially because of something I did or said." He said and hugged me tighter.

"I won't Cal." I whispered an rubbed the crying boys back as he let out his emotions on my shirt. He finally pulled back and sighed.

"Emotions aren't manly. I shouldn't be crying I'm manly. I'm a man now." He said wiping his eyes angrily.

"Calum, emotions might not be manly, but ya know they show that you're human. Every human has cried more than once in their life. It might be in private or when they're with someone they can trust but everyone does it. It shows that you are human. And honestly if you never cried, I would be pretty freaked out." I told him.

I rubbed his back as he let out all his emotions on my shirt. "It's okay, Cal." I whispered repeatedly in his ear


I finally got Calum to stop crying and he was half asleep so basically carried him to his room. "Goodnight Calum, I love you." I whispered as he dozed off.

I never want to witness Calum crying--sobbing--ever again in my. Entire. Life. That's like watching Luke or Ashton cry. I'm not sure about my feelings on Michael but I decided to go to his room.

I slowly opened the door and found him curled up in a little ball under his blankets. "Bella" sob "please come" sob "back" sob.

My heart broke as tears filled my eyes once again. He started to shift and I couldn't tell if he was sleeping or not. Until he got up that is and walked towards the door with his head hung low. I moved out of the way and trusted the darkness to keep me hidden.

He started walking downstairs--and what is it with these boys and being downstairs when the cry--and I followed him quietly.

Michael got into the kitchen and came across the notes. I hope he doesn't find his it's special. It says my feelings and then I'm gonna be here and it's gonna be awkward and oh my god.

"No, no Bella, babe, no." He said. I peeked around the corner and peered into the kitchen he was reading the note. His note.

"Italy?! Why would you do this to me?! Why can't you be here and stay with us?! Why can't you understand how much we need you?! Why can you understand how much I need you. Why won't you understand how much I lo-" He stopped talking. I was suddenly scared because I had let out a small sob while he was mourning.

I cannot let Michael see me. I don't want to see his big, red, puffy eyes. The tears rolling down his face. His disheveled hair. His soft punk lips. His pale skin. His beautiful green eyes. His cute hands. His long, long legs.

And then he made small little footsteps towards the kitchen exit. I made my way to the lounge room as quietly as possible and failed. I tripped over something, the side table. I managed to steady myself though it was too late, Michael saw me.

It was silent for a few moments before I felt a warm pair of arms wrap around my waist and pull me into Michael's toned chest.

"Babe, I missed you. Please n-never do that again. Please you have to promise me." I had never seen Michael so...distraught. So sad. And to think it was all because of me. Or well, that's what I thought at least.


I woke up the next morning with Michael's arms thrown tightly around my waist making sure that I wasn't able to get up. I sighed and stayed where I was. I turned towards Michael and stroked the outline of his face.

"What a pretty face." I whispered so even if Michael was up he wouldn't be able to hear. "What beautiful hair."

"What gorgeous eyes." I said gently running my fingers over his eyelids. Michael's eyes were suddenly open and boring in to my shining blue ones.

"Tell me how you really feel." He said and smiled slightly making me blush from my ears to my toes. "Shut up." I said putting my forehead against his.

"So you read the note?" I asked him. He sighed and nodded with a smile on his face. "The whole thing?" I asked. He nodded and suddenly his face broke out into an even bigger smile.

"If I can remember correctly, you said you loved me and it was eating you alive that you couldn't tell me. But you could've told me." He said. I shook my head.

"No I couldn't I can't face that rejection from you anyone but you. I wouldn't be able to stand i-" Suddenly Michael kissed me softly.

"You wouldn't have been rejected, baby. I love you too." He said tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. The pet name baby made my heart flutter.

"Really?" I asked him as a smile began forming on my face.

"Yes really." He said and went in for another kiss.

I stopped him halfway. "Morning breath. Go brush your teeth and I'll brush mine then you can kiss me." I said sternly getting up. I walked to the bathroom and grabbed my toothbrush putting toothpaste on it.

Finally Michael got done brushing his teeth and he met me in the middle of the hall. "I love you, Bella." He said and put his arms around my waist bringing me in close.

"I love you too." I whispered just before our lips were pushed together in a slow kiss. I brought my arms up to go around his neck and played with his hair.

"Let's go downstairs the boys are up here." I said.

"But there's no rooms with doors down there." He said pouting. "What if one of them walks in."

I smacked his shoulder. "Not for that you doof." I said with a laugh.


"So I only I have one more question." I said dropping my smile. "Where's Luke?" Michael's face went blank.

"Please don't hate me it really was an accident." He whispered with tears filling his eyes.

"Michael, baby, tell me what's wrong, I won't hate you I promise." I said standing up to reach him better.

"Luke wanted to g-go fi-find you b-but I wouldn't let him dr-drive a-and wh-when we were at a turn a tr-truck came through a-and it hit his s-side of th-the car. I tried to b-block it but I-it didn't w-work." He whimpered out. "A-and now it's my fault th-that he's i-in the hospital. B-Bella h-he's in a-a-a c-coma."

"Baby, it wasn't your fault. It was the truck you couldn't do anything about it. But let's jut hope he comes out alright, okay? Can you do that for me? And can you please stop crying it's breaking my heart." I said wiping away the endless flow of tears.

"I'm s-s-sorry." He whispered.

"It's okay, baby. It's okay. I know you would never intentionally hurt him, I'm not mad, I don't hate you. Everything is going to be okay. You'll be fine, I'll be fine and if Luke doesn't make it his gentle little soul is most certainly gonna go to heaven." I said and peppered kisses on Michael's forehead.

I looked up from holding Michael to see Calum in the doorway. "You found out about Luke." He mouthed. I nodded with sadness in my eyes. Calum shot me a sympathetic look and walked into the lounge room.

"Baby, did they say if anyone could see him?" I asked Michael trying to get him to look at me. He nodded.

"They said close family. You could go in there." He said. I nodded.

"Do you want to go with me to see how he's doing? We could make up some lie about how we're cousins." I said. He shook his head.

"I don't wanna see him like that. It'll kill me knowing that I was responsible." I sighed and made Michael look at me.

"Michael Gordon Clifford if you say it was your fault one more time I swear I'm gonna put duck tape over your mouth and not take it off until you stop thinking that. Are we clear?" I said my sassy mood stepping in. He nodded.

"Do you want me to go?" He asked me. I nodded and kissed his cheek. "Come on." I said and grabbed his hand.


The car ride was silent but it was comfortable. I was grasping Michael's hand the whole time rubbing soothing circles with my thumb on the back of his hand.

We finally got to the hospital and I basically had to drag Michael in the entrance. "Uhm, can I see Luke Hemmings is please?"

"I'm sorry it's only clo-"

"I'm his sister and he's his first cousin." I said sternly. She nodded. I was not in the mood to put up with her shit and I think she could tell.

"Go that way until you see room 21." She said.

"21..." I said in a funny voice once she was out of ear shot. I was hoping to get a reaction out of Michael at least a chuckle, but nothing. He just started at the ground blankly.

I stopped walking and pressed Michael against a wall, not in a heated moment kind of way but ya know. "Hey, Michael? Ya know what I love?" I asked.

"No." He replied with a small voice.

"Your smile, so wear it proudly baby. Even on the worst days you have to think positively. You gotta have faith. Can you smile for me baby?" I said softly. He didn't budge.

"I guess I'm gonna have to do this the hard way." I said and pinched Michael's sides. He tried to hide his smile and laughter but failed as I pinched him softly once again.

"There's that smile." I said and kissed him on the cheek.


"Dad!" I said as I hugged my father.

"Bella!" He said and hugged me back. "I thought you ran away for good." He said. I shook my head.

"Ugh, Bella you got my hopes up. I thought you were gonna leave forever." My mother said sharply with an ice cold glare.

"Yeah well that's what you get for thinking, stupidass." I snapped back. She gasped. "Oh calm your tits it's not the end of the world." I said and rolled my eyes.

"You are grounded young lady." She said.

"I'm turning 19 in May you can't ground me anymore." I said and went to the other side of Luke's bed. I grabbed his hand softly squeezing it.

"Do not touch my son." Liz snapped. I'm not even gonna call her mother anymore.

She grabbed his other hand. "Don't touch my baby brother." I said and ran my hand across Luke's forehead flattening his hair down. "Hey, Lukey. We miss you." I said. His hand twitched in mine and my head snapped down.

"He-he just moved his hand." I said to no one in particular.

"Lukey, if you can hear me move any part of your body that you can manage to." I said softly and gently ran a hand through his hair.

His fingers moved and tried to grab my hand. Tears filled my eyes. "Oh Luke!" I said and hugged him making sure not to let his wires unhook from his arms.

Michael sighed in relief at the fact that Luke was okay....well, for now.

Luke's pov

I could hear voices and see people in my head that matched the voices. The last thing I remember is trying to find Bella and Michael turned the car to search more...and then all I saw from then on all I saw was black.

"Don't touch my baby brother." I heard a voice say. I know that voice.

"Hey Lukey. We miss you." The same voice continued. I was trying to do something, anything to show her that I could hear her. I built up the energy finally, and moved my hand in hers a little bit.

She gasped. "He-he just moved his hand." She took a breath and then started talking again. "Lukey if you can hear me move any part of your body you can manage to." She said with hope. I can't let her down.

It took all of my energy but I gently wrapped my fingers around he hand. "Oh Luke." She said and hugged me lightly. I wanted to reach up and hug her back but I couldn't. I tried to lift my arm up but failed.

I waited a minute before I tried again, this time I thought of how good Bella would feel if I did this. I thought about how happy tears might flow slowly out of her soft sapphire eyes.

I tried once again and barely got my arm up before it collapsed on her back. She gasped and kissed my cheek. "Lukey, you're okay. My baby brother is okay." She choked out.

"Bella..." I whispered.

"Oh my god." She whimpered and continued hugging me and sobbing. That's all I could do.

"F-fall-ing asl-" I didn't finish my sentence. I didn't have the energy.

"Sleep, Lukey, it's okay. Go ahead. Just promise to wake up." I tried to nod but couldn't. I felt Bella set my arm down gently on the bed being careful not to make the wires and stuff come undone.

"Goodnight Lukey." She whispered and kissed my forehead. I think....

That was the last thing I felt before I fell into a deep sleep.

Bella's pov

He's okay. My baby brother is okay.

I could not wipe the smile from my face.

- 2 weeks later -

I woke up wrapped in Michael's arms. He hadn't officially asked me out on a date or asked me to be his girlfriend, but I wasn't complaining with Luke being in this condition I would want a friend not a relationship.

Turning on my side I faced Michael. I leaned in at kissed his lips. Another kiss. One more. Another and another. He wasn't waking up.

I turned Michael on his back. I had to wake him up somehow, don't judge. "Mmm, Michael." I moaned softly into his ear and nibbled on his earlobe.

I started grinding my hips against his and kissing his neck. "Baby, keep going." He said, finally. I smiled and jumped off rolling next to him.

"Good morning, baby." I said and ran a hand through his hair.

He glared at me for teasing him. "What's wrong? Aren't you gonna say good morning back?" I said and batted my eyelashes.

"Morning."He grumbled and put his face in my neck. He started giving me small feathery kisses. I giggled and rubbed Michael's back up and down.

Suddenly my phone started ringing. "Mikey I gotta get that." I said with a laugh.

"Boom, boom, boom." He said referring to that awful song.

"Seriously though Michael and I promise after that I will come back and cuddle with you." I said and kissed him just before I got up.

I made my way across the room and picked up my phone. "Hello?"

"Yes this is she, how may I help you?" I said politely.

"He what?" I whispered and felt the lump grow in my throat.


Yes I am going to leave you on a cliffhanger. Yes I am evil. And yes I love you all!!!

xx~ Bel

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