Perfect Match || m.c.

Luke and his sister ,Bella, always fought. Not like regular siblings. Like full on yelling and screaming. Bella wasn't happy. She was depressed, and she needed love. Well she has parents, right? All they care about is Luke, Ben and Jack. She was an accident. She needed love. And she got it.


7. C h a p t e r S i x

Hey...Hope you like it!!! Enjoy my lovelies!!!

Ashton's pov

I don't know what to feel. I just got told the my best friend self harmed again. She self harmed again.

No matter how many times I thought it, it still made my heart break each time. She's like a little sister to me. The visual of her slicing the skin of her thighs came into my mind. I closed my eyes and let out a sob.

"My god, I should've been a better best friend." I said to myself. "I should've-" A voice interrupted me.

"Ash! What's wrong?!" It was Calum. I looked up and gave him a certain look.

See, Calum knew when to talk and when to shut up and comfort someone. He could tell just by the look on someone's face whether they needed to talk it out or just needed a hug. And I love that about him. I'm glad to have him as a little brother.

"Whatever it is you'll be okay. We all will, Ash." He said and gave me a big hug. I wrapped my arms around him and cried my eyes out into his neck.

He rubbed my back and sighed. I held him tighter around the waist and closed my eyes. "It's okay, Ash. You'll be okay." He whispered.

"No, it won't be okay. I'm a horrible best friend." I sobbed. Calum pulled back and looked me in the eyes.

"You're most certainly not a horrible best friend. You're the best listener ever. You're like the glue of the band. Ash if we didn't have you, you know where we'd probably be? I'd be in a mental institution because I can't live without one of my best friends. Michael and Luke might go back to hating each other and never talk again and-what about Bella? She'd be broken without you Ash. We love you and you're so freakin important to us. Can't you see that?" He said, tears welling up in his eyes.

I looked down, my feet were suddenly more interesting than this conversation. I hated seeing people I love cry. It makes me feel bad. I don't even know why, it just gives me a bad nauseated feeling.

"Ashton." he whispered. "Look at me." I looked up meeting his eyes. The way he looked at me made me want to curl in a ball and cry for days. "Ashton, if no one else does, I'll always love you. No matter what. You're like an older brother to me. How can I not love you?! You're amazing! Cheer up, Ash. No one likes it when you're sad." He said. Calum wrapped his arms around me in another comforting hug, which I loved. I swear he gives the best hugs ever.

"Thanks, Cal. I love you too." I said and sniffled a bit after. He shook his head. "No problem, bro." He replied and walked back to the lounge room.

Did I mention I have the best family in the world?

Michael's pov

Watching Bella fall asleep in my arms is probably the cutest thing ever. She keeps mumbling stuff about Ed Sheeran and how he picked her up from school. I don't even wanna know...

I ran my hands down her sides and she squirmed around. 'Just like Luke.' I thought. 'Ticklish all over.'

Though I'd probably never admit it, but I think Luke is freaking adorable sometimes when he gets shy and awkward. I feel like a big brother to him when I have to step up and say something because he's being shy. I love having that feeling because I don't have siblings.

"You're so pretty." I whispered softly.

"Thanks." Bella muttered.

My eyes widened and I felt my cheeks heat up. "You weren't supposed to hear that. S-sorry." I stuttered out. Bella pulled me closer. Her face was buried in my neck.

"It's okay. I don't mind." She replied sounding a bit like Flower, the skunk from Bambi. In fact, that was Flower's exact lines. Not that I love that movie or anything...

"Course ya don't." I whispered back, running my hands against her back. Soon my hands were at the bottom of her back where she has little dimples.

"Watch your hands Clifford." She stated before wiggling a bit more.

"Honey, if you keep movin I won't be able to." She chuckled as I said this and replied with a,

"We'll see." What is this girl doing to me? I'm not supposed to feel this way about my best friends sister! He'll kill me and so will Ben and Jack! And Ashton, and Calum.

"Sweet dreams, babe." She said, reaching up to kiss my cheek. It was actually more like the corner of my mouth. Oh my god. What even is this. Is this-butterflies? Michael Clifford just got butterflies?! That's a girl thing isn't it? Is this supposed to be happening.

"You too, love." I whispered back, kissing the same please as she did on me. Bella shimmied up towards me more and re-buried her face in my neck.

I could get used to this. I like this.


"Awwh! Look aren't they cute?!" I heard faintly.

"No. And if Michael doesn't get out of the bed right now I will rip his d-" Someone interrupted.

"Woah, they're just cuddling. Calm down it's not like...." The voices faded in and out making me a bit dizzy since I was still like nearly asleep.

"Just cuddling?! Soon it'll be 'just hugging'. Then 'just kissing'. Then 'just having s-" Again the speaker was interrupted.

"Okay, no. Do you not think Bella has enough pride in herself to not give herself to someone before she's ready? I trust her." The other voice said.

"Ugh, whatever. You know nothing you dirty little..." The voice started listing every curse word under the sun to describe whoever the other person was. I can't tell yet.

Opening my eyes, I saw Ben, Jack, Luke, and Calum standing above me and Bella.

"Hey, guys...." I said grinning. Luke glared at me and so did Ben and Jack. Probably because I'm in the bed with their sister. But Calum looks happy!

"Hi Mikey!" Calum yelled. I shushed him ponying to Bella.

"It's fine Mikey. I'm already up because of Calum's loud mouth." Bella said sitting up. I followed her actions and got out of the bed.

"Okay, I know that looked wrong but she just wanted someone to be with her." I tried to explain.

"No you listen here you little-" Jack started.

"Hey! Jack shut up! Ben and Luke stop acting like you're tough when you're really just cuddly little people." Bella said. "And Michael, you don't have to explain anything to them. They're boys they know nothing." She finished. Luke Ben and Jack stared at Bella as if she had three heads.

"What?" She asked.

"You are your Mum's daughter alright. Attitude and everything." Ben said. Luke and Jack nodded quickly in agreement.

"Yeah I wish I got her height too. I'm stuck here at 5"0'." (a/n: I changed it from 5"2 to 5"0 bc I want Bella to be quite a bit shorter than Michael. Like a lot.) She said. We all laughed at her shortness.

"Stop it! You guys aren't that far off." She whined.

"Yeah we're all a-head of you though!" Calum laughed. He just made everyone double in laughter again.

"That was good Cal. Maybe Bella could catch up in comebacks better than in height." Ben said with a goofy grub on his face.

"You guys are mean I'm going to Ashton." Bella said getting up and walking toward the door.

On the way to the way to the door she tripped over her sweatpants and fell. When she tried to get up she slipped again. She is never gonna live this down....


Heyy!! I didn't know where to end this I hope it's okay!! Bye my lovelies!! ily xx- Bel

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