Perfect Match || m.c.

Luke and his sister ,Bella, always fought. Not like regular siblings. Like full on yelling and screaming. Bella wasn't happy. She was depressed, and she needed love. Well she has parents, right? All they care about is Luke, Ben and Jack. She was an accident. She needed love. And she got it.


10. C h a p t e r N i n e

Hi!! This is gonna be really long so get ready!

Luke's pov (surprise!)

I walked through the club trying to find Bella so I could give her the phone back when I heard yelling.

I walked over to the source of the yelling, which turned out to be Ashton trying to kill Michael with words. I'd never seen him this mad.

"Ash?" I said grabbing his shoulder. "Ashton, calm down. You're causing a scene. What's up with you?" I asked him trying to get him to be quiet.

"Well, Luke, I sent Bella in here to get her phone and when I came in she was getting to second base with Michael." Ashton explained. I was a bit taken aback, did Bella like Michael?

"Why?" I asked stupidly.

"You expect me to know?" Ashton said and looked at me as if I was stupid, no doubt that made me sound stupid.

"Well where is Bella now?" I asked. Ashton looked around for a moment. He almost started panicking.

"Where did she go?" Ashton asked to no one in particular.

Mikey spoke up, he is a brave man. "She left, I tried to stop her but Mr. Hulk here held me back." Michael snapped glaring at Ashton.

"How was I supposed to know you were trying to stop her?!" Ashton replied. Michael just rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

"Look we don't need to get mad at each other, we need to find Bella. Mikey you said she went out of the club, did you see which way she went?" I asked Michael once we were right outside the doors of the club.

"She went that way, like the way we would go towards my aunts house." Michael said.

I nodded and was silently praying that she didn't go far.


We've been walking for like an hour, and I'm exhausted. "I feel like we're looking for a puppy." I said. Suddenly a though came to my mind.

Apparently the boys got the same thought too, because they both yelled, "Calum!" At the same time.

"Don't worry I saw him leave the club with some girl, and she wasn't drunk." I said.

"How would you know?" Ashton snapped. I gave him a warning look to show him he shouldn't push it right now.

"She had been talking to Calum and I the whole time and she told us that she didn't drink, she thought it was dangerous because her sister got killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. She also thought it was stupid." Luke said.

"How do you know she wasn't-" Ashton started.

"Shut the hell up." I said through gritted teeth. I was not gonna put up with anyone's crap tonight.

"Ya know what we should've done." I stated feeling dumb.


"Took the car." I groaned. The other boys groaned as well. "We're so stupid!" I yelled.

"Well, let's keep walking, if were gonna find Bella then we need to hurry because if she's towards my aunts house she's close to the bad part of town." Michael said with a worried look on his face.

Ashton and I agreed and we started walking a bit faster.

I started thinking about things that could've happened to Bella by now, she could be getting beaten.

"Guys, we've gotta find her." I said, tears welling up in my eyes, "We have to."


Bella's pov

I woke up to a gang standing around me. Luckily, eyes weren't fully open yet so they couldn't tell I was up. I could hear them talking about me.

"What are we gonna do with her?" One man asked.

"Well, ya know boys, she has a nice body, I can think of plenty things." Another one spoke up.

"None of you are doing anything until I get my share of her. I always get em first. Hey look she's awake!" Another man said. He must be the leader of them all or something.

"Hello, princess. how was your nap?" He said getting down to my face. His breath smelled like liquor. He smiled at me and brushed a hair out of my face. I slapped his hand away.

"Oooh, we got us a feisty one." One said chuckling darkly.

The man wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his chest. I tried to push him off but he held me tighter. "What's wrong princess? Am I holding you too tight?" He growled.

"The fact that you're holding me at all makes me want to puke." I retorted. The man simply chuckled and kissed my neck sloppily.

"Please, s-stop." I whimpered, now becoming scared.

I tried squirm out of his grip and I finally got out. I ran across the street and into an alley. Thankfully, I found a shelter thing and hid in it, closing and locking the door behind me.

"You can't stay in there forever princess. Shawn watch the girl if she comes out grab her and come to my place, the boys and are going there." The man said. Once they were gone Shawn spoke up.

"You can come out if you want, I'm not gonna hurt you or take you to his house." The boy, Shawn I guess, said. I peeked out the shelter and looked at the boys' eyes. His eyes were pleading for me to come out, and hey, if he tried to grab me I could take him he's kind of wimpy.

"O-okay." I stuttered out. I unlocked the small door and shoved it away so I could crawl out. The boy held his hand out and I flinched back. He chuckled a little, smiling at me. I gladly took his hand and stepped out of the shelter.

I sat beside him and took in his looks. He had brown, curly hair and blue eyes. I love that combination, it's so beautiful and rare. He eyed me as well taking in my looks, which were about the same except I had blonder hair and my eyes were darker and more broken.

"I'm Shawn, that guy standing behind you is my brother. He kinda hates me though." He said. I frowned.

"I know what it's like to have a sibling hate you. My older brother, Luke, used to treat me like shit. I could just make one little mistake or smile a little and he'd go off on me. He would yell and scream, throw things at me." I said tears filling in my eyes at how mad he might be once he finds me.

"What did you do?!" Shawn asked with wide eyes. I sighed. I don't wanna show him my arms, he might think I'm a freak.

"Let's just say I shouldn't have handled it the way I did." I said hoping he was too young to understand. Unfortunately, my prayers went unanswered.

"Please don't tell me you self harmed.." He groaned. I tried not to meet his eyes. "How long have you been clean for?" He asked softly. "You don't have to tell if you don't want to. I've been clean for about 3 months." He told me and rolled up his sleeves revealing cuts that were healing bit by bit.

"Same for me." I said recalling the last time. It was back in the start of October. The day the boys got home.

"Please don't do it again." I said shutting my eyes tightly. "Please, too many people go through that. I don't want you to. So far you are an amazing person." Tears welled up in my eyes.

"Hey, hey, I'm getting better, I'm trying I really am. The boys from a band, I don't know if you've heard of them, 5 seconds of summer?" He said. I smirked and nodded.

"Yeah I'm actually close to them like, I know them." I said. His jaw dropped. "Th-that's where I know you from!" Shawn said, shocked.

"Yeah, Luke is my brother." I said smiling at Shawn. He smiled and nodded, still shocked. He starts grinning, showing off dimples. I smiled back.

"Well hey, what's your birthday?" I asked him.

"May 24, 1999." He replied.

"That's my birthday too!!" I exclaimed. "Oh my gosh that's so cool. Too bad we have the same birthday as The King of Flop Nation." I said with a frown. Shawn started laughing hysterically.

"Well it's true!" I said.

Shawn and I talked about everything under the moon and before we knew it, we heard a car pull up on the road. I gasped and started trying to get back in the shelter, but it was too late. He saw us.

"Shawn! You stupid, worthless little-why didn't you bring her to my house?!" He yelled repeatedly punching Shawn. My eyes widened. Shawn shouldn't get beat, he's only a little kid.

"Hey, get off of him. It's my fault if you're gonna punish someone do it to me, I'm the one that deserves it. So back off of him and pick on someone your own size." I said in a threatening voice.

Everyone fell out laughing because, I am smaller than Shawn and I'm telling him to pick on someone his own size. "There is no need to laugh I am simply standing up for someone that is very nice and innocent. Unlike you nasty men." I said, glaring with a hint of amusement in my eyes.

The amusement soon left as the main guy grabbed me and said, "You want me to show you how nasty I am?" He asked shaking me violently.

"Let me take you to the main building and I'll show you just how nasty I am." He said angrily through gritted teeth. I tried not to let the fear show in my eyes, but he pinched my bum and I wiggled around the feeling making me awkward and shy.


The main building is a huge, abandoned office building that no one used anymore. He took me to another floor away from the others, and Shawn.

"Hurry up, princess we don't have all day." He grunted sharply and grabbed my arm tighter making me wince. He chuckled darkly and tugged me along.

Soon enough we were in a room. I looked around. It had a chair, ropes, a lamp, a bed, a bathroom, and a closet, I couldn't see what was in it though. It wasn't opened enough.

"Now, you don't make any noise. And you only say 'Yes Daddy' To me. Understand princess?" He said.

"Yes Daddy." I managed to keep my voice from shaking, for the time being.

"Now take off your clothes, now, or you'll be punished. You wouldn't want that would you?" He asked me. I shook my head and slowly undid my dress.

I slid it down to my ankles and stepped out of it. "All of them." He said smirking with a dark look in his eyes. I shuddered but regained my harsh gaze quickly.

"Now sit in the chair and wrap your feet around the bottom legs of it and your arms around the back." Tears welled up in my eyes but I did as said. I don't want him to hurt me and if he finds out who my brother and friends are, he will be outraged and possibly hurt them.

"Now stay still." He said.

"Y-yes Dad-dy." I whimpered. He took the rope and cut it in half. He brought one end to my legs and tied them as tight as he possibly could and did the same with my arms. I tried to wiggle, but couldn't move.

"No, no, no. You can't move. Don't you understand? You're mine now." He whispered and grazed his hands all the way down my body making me sob violently.

"Aww does the little baby need her mommy?" He said and went to the closet. "You don't make any noises or I'll tape your nose up too, got it princess?"

"Y-y-yes D-d-da-dadd-y." I said my breathing becoming short. I was about to have a panic attack again. I've been so good about keeping calm and now I probably won't ever be able to be normal again.

He took some of the tape off the roll and put three layers of it right over my mouth. Tears rolled down my face like and endless waterfall.

"Shut up, you useless piece of trash." He spat. I had flashbacks of Luke and his buddies beating me until blood was rushing out of everywhere on me. On weekends I would stay at Ashton's and he always told me he'd protect me. I feel safe with him. Ashton is the one person that's been there for me through it all. I want him to just bust through that door and save me.

"Shh, shhh." The man said and then growled, literally growled and then undressed. I closed my eyes thinking about the boys, it might help for all I know.

Calum: He's like a brother to me. His cute little chubby cheeks and soft brown eyes. His adorable puppy dog face that you can't say no to.

Ashton: My rock, my best friend, my brother. His huge dimples that appear so often. His cute giggle that is contagious to even the meanest of people. His hazel eyes that change colors with his mood. The way he's able to calm me down just by hugging me. The way he knows all the right things to say and help me.

Luke: My little brother. The boy that once couldn't stand me but would now do anything to protect me from harm. The boy that I wish could save me right now.

Michael: The only boy that has ever been close to me like he has and not felt like a brother to me. The way he dyes his hair so much. The way he has finger tattoos and an eyebrow piercing. The way he drives me crazy just by smiling a certain way.

"This is gonna hurt princess. Be prepared." The man growled.

I screamed out as a piercing pain shot through me. I went numb and saw black spots everywhere.


I woke up still tied up and sore. I was alone in this room, or at least I thought I was until I heard light snores from behind me.

My head shot up, hearing footsteps from the hallway. I crossed my fingers with the little energy I had left in me and hoped it was Shawn. Luckily this time my prayers were answered as Shawn quietly came in the room.

"Oh thank god you're okay. I was so worried." He said and untied me. It was a bit awkward because he couldn't untie my legs from behind and so yeah, you get it.

"My clothes are over there." I said and pointed to the door. Shawn shook his head. "Just wear some of mine. They probably will be better than that dress. Trust me it isn't the first time this has happened." Shawn said with a pained look in his eyes.

I nodded and just changed into some of his skinny jeans and a band tee. He grabbed my clothes and motioned for me to come with him, but I couldn't move.

"Here you carry the clothes, I'll carry you." He said and picked me up. "I work out every day I know I look weak but I'm really not." He said noticing my shocked expression.

"Now we gotta be quiet, luckily this building is somewhat new they just didn't have a need for it anymore because the company got bigger. So no stairs creak. That makes this so much easier for the both of us." He whispered once we were out of the room.

"Oh, that's amazing. Do any of you guys have a phone?" I asked him. Shawn thought for a moment before grinning widely and gently setting me down on the ground. He returned a few minutes later with an iPhone six.

"We all share it but you need it right now." He said picking me back up. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his cheek. "Thank you, you're my superman now." I told him. He smiled and kept walking, proud of himself.

Somehow we made it out of the building without being caught and we found a bench a few miles away to sit on while I called one of the boys.


"They didn't pick up." I said with tears welling up in my eyes. I angrily wiped my face, not liking the fact that I'm crying in front of someone.

"Is there anyone else that could help?" He asked rubbing my back comfortingly. I shook my head and started listing all the people.

"No I've called all the boys, my parents their parents, and-wait..." I said. "Oh my god thank you Joy Hood for having two children and one that might pick up the phone this early." I cried out.

One ring, two rings, three rings, four rings, five rings. I was about to give up when I finally heard her voice. "Hello?"

"Mali!" I yelled. "Please come help me. I was captured by a gang I'll explain when you get here if you'll come get me." I rushed out.

"Oh my gosh, what street are you on?" She said fully alert now. I could hear her getting on shoes and grabbing her keys.

"2nd street." I mumbled. She sighed.

"Bella, that's not even in Sydney. Why are you there?! That is the worst part of Australia!" She said in to the phone.

"I ran. Like I said I'll explain everything once you get here. I promise." I said.

"Okay bye, Bella. Be safe." Mali said sternly and hung up. I sighed and smiled laying my head on Shawn's shoulder.

"I'm putting my number in here. Text me anytime but delete the messages okay? I don't want them to know you still talk to me." I said going to the contacts of the phone and putting myself in there.

Shawn nodded and we talked our last hour together before Mali showed up. "Bye Shawn. Please don't forget about me!" I said pecking his cheek and wrapping my arms around his waist. "Don't forget me superman." I whispered and walked to the car.

"I won't." He whispered back smiling sadly.

"Okay, spill. Now. I want to know every single detail about why I'm having to pick you up this early in the morning on the worst place in Australia." Mali said sternly.

I explained what the boys and I were doing and just like she said, every detail. "And then this morning a little while ago he-uhm. He...." I started shaking and tears showed up in my eyes.

"Bella? Bella what's wrong what did he do?" Mali asked in a soothing voice. She suddenly pulled over and grabbed my hands turning me to face her.

"Bella, breathe, love. Calm down a bit. Tell me what he did. It's okay, I won't tell anyone if you don't want me to you know that." She said wiping a tear off my cheek.

"He r-r-ra-rap-e-d m-m-me." I barely chocked out. Mali immediately hugged me tightly careful not to hurt me though.

"Oh Bella. We need to get you home right now you need rest. I'm scheduling you for a doctors appointment to see if anything is wrong from what that nasty man did to you. Babe, you need to relax and you need sleep." She said crying as well. I nodded and thanked her quietly.


We finally arrived home about an hour later and all the boys were sitting on the couch when we walked in. Mali closed the door and all eyes snapped to us. The boys shot up and ran over to me trying to hug me. Thankfully, Mali stepped in so I wouldn't have to say anything.

"Guys, I think you should let her rest right now. Bella has had a long night and it hasn't been the best. I think you need to wait a while before you do anything with her. She needs alone time." Mali said blocking me from the boys.

"Mali I'm her brother I need to talk to he-"

"Listen Luke. You give her space or I'll take her to my house. You need to just trust me on this one boys." Mali said sternly growing angry.

"But I-" I cut him off this time.

"Luke please." I whispered not meeting his eyes.

"Okay." He said letting Mali and I head upstairs.

"Thank you Mali." I said quietly. "Could you turn around for a minute?" I asked. She nodded with a sad smile.

I started to take the skinny jeans off but I couldn't move my legs barely. Climbing the stairs was like living hell. "Uh, actually I need a little help, if you don't mind." I said awkwardly.

"Of course I don't mind, love." She said gently pulling down the skinny jeans and handing me some sweatpants. "Thank you. My shirt too please." I mumbled.

She grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it gently. She lifted my arms the least she could which was actually very uncomfortable because of the pressure. I knew she didn't mean to hurt me intentionally.

"Okay babe, just lie in bed and relax. Get this off your mind a little bit. Okay? Please at least try." She said and kissed my hair repeatedly giving me a big bear hug.

I hugged her back and nodded into her shoulder, which I had to get on my tiptoes to be at. Mali walked over to the bed helping me to lift the covers and get in.

"Thanks, for everything Mali. And tell the boys it was nothing they did please. I don't want them to think it was their fault that I'm not talking to them or hugging them. Please, they deserve to know but don't tell them why. Just say it's my place to tell." I said tears threatening to spill over for the billionth time today.

"Okay, love. I will." Mali whispered and pushed my hair back and smiled before exiting the room. I sighed and thought about how Mali helped me.

What she has done for me this morning has showed me how good of a person she is. I mean I've never really been that close to her because I'm very shy and awkward around new people. Today I opened up to her more than I probably ever have. I mean I couldn't tell the guys. I can't tell the guys. I don't want them to know, ever. If they found out they'd find the guy and kill him. They would beat him to death. The boys can't know. If Ashton was that mad over me doing something with Michael willingly, I can't imagine what he'd do if I didn't do it willingly. And Michael and I didn't even get far.

I tried to clear my head like Mali said and eventually it worked. I thought of happy times in my life and memories of what my life was like before Luke hated me and a little bit after.

"Bella, the boys said it's fine and they charged your phone for you." Mali said and set my phone down on my side table.

"Alright," I said slowly drifting off. "Goodnight, love." She whispered and kissed my forehead before I drifted off to sleep.

Michael's pov

I wonder why Bella is being like this. Mali said for us to trust her on this one, so we listened. Or well most of us. Luke has been egging her on since she got here.

"Is she okay though? What's wrong? Please tell me." He pleaded. I admit, it was a sad sight to see Luke this upset over Bella. And when we were trying to find her, he broke down and sobbed so many times. It was hard for me and Ash to deal with too though. He cried at least six times and I tried not to. But when both your best friends are crying because the girl that you like went missing, it's hard not to.

"Luke, it's not my place to tell. Just wait until she's comfortable with you guys again." Mali said narrowing her eyes at Luke.

"Fine, can you at least take her the phone. We charged it for her." Luke said defeated.

"Yes. She'll be thankful that you understood Luke. Like I said when she's comfortable she might tell you but you can't push her." She said as she walked up the stairs.

I sighed and ran my hands through my hair. This is gonna be a long year....


a/n: Heyyy!! It's been a while!!!! It feels like I haven't updated since last year!!! Get it? lol it's okay to make fun of me everyone else's does lol not really.

I started a new school and there was this guy that was also new. And I swear if one more person asks if I'm his sister or calls me Isabella I'm gonna rip their throat out. Not to mention someone has already called me a puppy :\. And if he was my brother I don't think I should feel this way towards him just sayin. See what I did there?

Okay in rambling now I'm going to try and update again if I can

I love you all!! Thank you so much for giving me some of your time to read this ily. xx~ Bel

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