Perfect Match || m.c.

Luke and his sister ,Bella, always fought. Not like regular siblings. Like full on yelling and screaming. Bella wasn't happy. She was depressed, and she needed love. Well she has parents, right? All they care about is Luke, Ben and Jack. She was an accident. She needed love. And she got it.


21. C h a p t e r N i n e t e e n

Hey I hope yall like this it took a while.

Bella's pov

"Dad, Mum?" I said. I haven't seen them since when this all started and mother wanted me away from Luke because 'I caused this'.

"Bella." Mother started. "I didn't expect to see you here. Why have you come?" She asked through gritted teeth. I narrowed my eyes at her and glared.

"Well, I thought it'd be nice if I could visit my little brother." I snapped at her. She walked over to me and pointed her finger in my face.

"You listen here little shit. You will not come into my sons room and sass me like that. I suggest you leave and stay away from Luke. I'm tired of you. And if you don't you're grounded from any social events-"

"No you listen. I'm tired of you. I've been living in hell for almost twenty years. I am nineteen years old and I refuse to listen to you. You nasty-"

She cut me off.

"You are exactly like her. Exactly like her. I move out when I turned eighteen because I can't stand my sister and you are exactly like her! You remind me of her more than anybody." She said with rage lacing through every word.

"You know, you've always reminded me of someone as well, mother." I said sharply.

"Bella-" Luke croaked. "No Luke."

"You've always reminded me of someone and it seems that I'm just now figuring it out after all these years. You're exactly like the wicked bitch of the west." I yelled and said a quick goodbye to Luke. Kissing his forehead and telling him to keep safe and good luck with her. (a/n: guys don't take this the wrong way I love Liz and I can't see her being like that this is just for the story. JUST FOR THE STORY.)

I walked out of the hospital and on my way, a few fans noticed my mad demeanor. "Bella, is everything okay?" A girl asked. I shook my head.

"If you don't mind me asking what's wrong?" She asked. The girl was a taller than me by about six inches. She looked down at me with a concerned look on her face. I looked up at her and saw bright green eyes. She has light brown hair with a red streak in it. Maybe I should put some color in my hair.

"Uh, well, my mom is a complete asshole that won't let me see Luke in peace and I'm pretty sure the 5sos fam will support her more than me so all the support I have is Ashton, Calum, Mikey, and Luke. And maybe Ben and Jack." I said.

"Oh, that sucks. But hey at least no one has turned against you. If that does happen I know what it feels like, trust me. If you need any help just tweet me or something my twitt-"

"Actually, can I trust you with something?" I asked her. She nodded.

"Of course. You're brother, the band and partially you because of your potential and strength helped me so much. So of course."

"Come with me for a while. I want to talk with you for a bit cause you seem cool." I said. Her mouth dropped open and she started nodding frantically.

"I-uhm-Okay!" She smiled widely. I grabbed her arm and took her to my car. She hadn't stopped smiling since I asked her to join me. Like I'm just getting pizza with the boys.

"Okay. So we're getting pizza and the boys are gonna be there so don't freak out until you go to the bathroom because that really creeps them out sometimes and don't scream too loud or they'll hear you. Got it? Oh and if you wanna cry in there I've got extra makeup in my purse that you can borrow just in case your mascara and or eyeliner runs." I said nonchalantly. Her mouth once again dropped open.

"I'm going to get to meet the men that saved my life. Oh my gosh." She said and put her hand on her forehead. I started laughing hysterically.

"Uh, honey-huh, they ain't men!!" I yelled laughing harder than I probably should be. She looked at me with an eyebrow raised. I cleared my throat and muttered a small sorry even though I really wasn't and continued driving.

"So uh, just wondering. How many pictures do you have of the boys?" I asked. I was actually very curious. If they saved her life they have to be pretty damn important and I know when someone is important to me I have a lot of pictures *cough Michael cough* of them. What? It's not that weird he's almost sort of not really kind of my boyfriend I have a right to have pictures of him.

"Uhm, let me check." She said blushing. She pulled out her phone. An iPhone 5c and went to her pictures.

"3,769." She finally spoke up and looked up at me. I pulled over and abruptly stopped the car. "What now?" I said.

"I have 3,769 pictures of them. Well, that's counting one direction too so...yeah." I nodded and almost started laughing again.

I live with them. And they take so many selfies on my phone. I don't even have that many. But I'm not gonna say anything because I know what it feels like. One direction are freaking bae.

"Okay. Let's go to the pizza place." I said and pulled out onto the road again, covering my mouth to suppress the laugh that so badly wanted to burst out.


I don't regret bringing that girl here. Her eyes lit up so much when she saw the boys. "Boys this uh...what's your name? I'm sorry that makes me sound really bad but you were nice so I invited you and I honestly never got your name."

"It's Annlyse. But people call me Anni but there's no e on the end. Just and i." She said with a smile. I nodded.

"Boys this is Anni but with no e." I said and walked over to them stepping back to drag her with me. She stumbled a bit and almost fell before I caught her.

"You alright there?" I said with my eyebrows raised. She nodded and blushed. I laughed and suggested we order.

"There's no rush Bella we're the only ones in here." Michael told me. I laughed.

"Shut up Michael." I said and rubbed his hair. He pushed me lightly and fixed his already messy hair. He wrapped and arm around me and pulled me in close before putting me in a headlock and giving me a noogie.

"Michael you dirtbag!" I whined and hit his arm. "I'm a girl it takes me a while to get this perfect." I pouted an went away from him closer to Ashton now.

"What and you think I won't do the same?" Ashton said once I was by him. I looked up at silently pleading for him not to with my best cutest pouty face I could make. He sighed and giggled slightly.

"I won't I'm not mean like Michael." He said and smiled at me.

"Oh my gosh." A small shaky voice said. I turned around to see Anni smiling widely.

"You guys are just like in the keeks." She said. I was afraid her cheeks might fall off from smiling so much.

"Okay you haven't stopped smiling since I talked to you a little while ago. Is your face not hurting or something?" I asked. She nodded and slowly stopped smiling letting out a sigh of relief.

We ordered our food and sat down. It was brought to is a few minutes later. "Oh my gosh this food is so good." I moaned my mouth watering just at the thought of this pizza in my mouth. (a/n: my life basically.)

"I know oh my gosh." Michael agreed. We continued eating.

"So when did you first start liking us?" Calum asked looking at the girl.

"Oh uhm, 2011 actually. And it was like you guys name everything better. Like I wasn't doing to good before I found you guys." She replied.

"What do you mean?" Michael asked. Oh my gosh Mikey...

"Uh, well, I was kind of depressed and self harming, and I sisn have anybody there for me. And then I found your videos and I loved them. I loved you guys. I past that now though I got some counseling and I'm good now." She said.

"Oh, Well I'm glad you got through it." Michael said. "we need you guys more than you know. I mean, we wouldn't be here without you guys. We wouldn't be this successful."

"I wouldn't be here." The girl said. My heart is breaking for this girl. She went through a lot and she doesn't talk about it with shame. She talks about like she's proud of herself that she got through it.

"Babe! Stop you're gonna make me cry." I said and hugged her from the side. She laughed and looked down at me.

"Any more questions guys?" She asked. They nodded vigorously.


"How old are you?"


"Where are you from?"

"Here." She laughed.

"What's your favorite color?"


"Are you single?"

"Calum!" I yelped as he asked the ridiculous question. Typical boy.

"Uh yeah." She replied.

"Anymore questions?" She asked once again. "Would you like to go out with me sometime?" Calum asked.

"Uh-we-uh yeah. Of course. When?" She stuttered. I laughed but soon shut up as Calum glared at me.

"Tomorrow night at 7, if you're not doing anything." He said smiling at her. She nodded and grinned widely.

"Hey," I said once we were leaving and the boys were in front of us, out of earshot. "I know you said you were better but I wanna be sure that you don't do anything again. Because I've been in your position before and I've relapsed countless times after long periods of time of being clean. So if you need anything you're gonna text me or call me because I'm putting my number in your phone but you can't tell it to anybody. Okay?"

"Of course. I would never ruin something like having a new friend and ya know it's always great when the new friend partially saved your life." She said and smiled.

"Awwh, love, call or text me if you need anything, okay?" I said and brought her into a hug. She returned the hug.

"Okay. I will. And thanks for today. It really made me happy." She said as we walked out of the pizza place.

"No problem. I mean, you helped me sort of and I was about to slap a bitch in a hospital and that wouldn't have turned out good. So this is the least I could do." I told her seriously.

"Well, it was fun hanging out but you've got a date to prepare for and you can go home and fangirl while I go home and watch Calum fangirl because he hasn't been that happy in a while." I said.

"Okay and can you give me a ride to my house? If you don't mind." She asked. I nodded. "Of course let's go."

She told me her address and we went to her house.

Once I got to my house I walked in and got comfortable wearing some boy shorts and one of Michael's shirts. I walked downstairs and into the lounge room. Michael was sat in one of the chairs in the corner.

I sat down on his lap and looked him in the eye. "Hey Mikey." I whispered. He smiled and whispered, "Hey Bella." I grinned softly.

"So I've been thinking and I think I love you too." I told him. His eyes lit up and he put his hands on my waist.

"A-are you being serious?" He asked. I nodded and kissed him gently. "Yeah." I said.

He sat up more and peppered my face with kisses. "oh my gosh I swear this is the best day of my life."

"Let's go to sleep babe. I'm tired." I said.

He frowned and looked at the clock. "It's only six in the evening baby." He replied and laughed.

"But the sooner we go to sleep the sooner I get to cuddle with you."

He laughed once again and nodded. "Okay babe, let's go to sleep."

And we did. And it was almost perfect. But all good things come to an end, right?


Hey I only like the end of this I'm sorry if you don't like it. I have a headache and my throat hurts. love you guys xx~ Bel

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