Perfect Match || m.c.

Luke and his sister ,Bella, always fought. Not like regular siblings. Like full on yelling and screaming. Bella wasn't happy. She was depressed, and she needed love. Well she has parents, right? All they care about is Luke, Ben and Jack. She was an accident. She needed love. And she got it.


12. C h a p t e r E l e v e n

Aayyyyyyy so how would you guys feel if I did a Calum fanfic? Please give me an answer!!! ILY

Michael's pov

I watched Bella as she slowly dozed off. She is so cute. I wish I had the balls to let her know that I like her.

"Mikey...." Bella mumbled. I looked down at her sleeping figure, or I thought she was sleeping. "M-Michael help me...." She said almost inaudibly.

"Bella babe, wake up!" I said shaking her. She started thrashing around and trying to get me to let go. "Shh, it's okay. Calm down it's just me Bella. It's Michael." I said holding her in my arms.

Her eyes shot open and she cuddled into me once again. "Don't let anything get me, Michael." She whispered and kissed my cheek.

"I won't." I whispered back. Even though Bella probably couldn't tell, I was creeped out so bad. I don't wanna tell her that though. I heard her screaming last night, then sobbing to Ashton.

Bella soon fell asleep again. I saw her smiling. I wonder what she's dreaming about....

(a/n: and now the cliché skip to Bella's dream 😂😂).

Bella's pov (dreaming, again)

I laughed as the tall boy in front of me tripped on stage.

"You go Glenn Coco!" I yelled. He glared at me and got up while I doubled over laughing. "What?! That was hilarious!" I said to the now sapphire haired boy.

"I dyed my hair the color of your eyes and you make fun of me because I fell on stage?! How dare you?!" Michael snapped jokingly.

"Oh please you know I love you!" I replied grinning widely at him.

"Ya know that's a good color on you though. I think it's actually the best. It really makes you look a little less pale." I replied knowing he hated his pale skin. If I said that color made him look tan maybe he would dye it that again.

"Nice try, babe. Clever but it's not gonna work." He said.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Michael!" I said trying to hold back my laughs.

I climbed up on stage where the sound check was taking place. The boys were taking a break and Michael had been smart and brought his water out here before the sound check started.

"Oh yes you do! You say that with all your favorite colors. Ya know all you have to do is ask for me to keep it and I'll buy it when it starts fading." He said throwing an arm around my shoulder.

"Really?! When that color starts fading get it again!" I said excitedly.

"No," he started. I frowned," It makes me look gay." He said defensively. My mouth hung open.

"So my eye color makes you look gay?!" I asked him.

"And my eye color!" Luke shouted. I put my hands on my hips and raised an eyebrow.

Amusement flashed through my eyes for a split second. Luke came in the room and copied my pose. I felt his presence beside me so I looked up at him. I soon lost my 'angry' look as he had his hands on his hips.

"Oh my god Luke!" I yelled and fell into Michael.

"What? I thought we were being sassy. You just gave off that sassy vibe and I just..." He said which made me laugh harder.

The only heard now was my laughter. Michael moved his head a bit but it didn't bother me. Well, until he moved out of the way making me fall. I immediately stopped laughing.

"It was Luke's idea, baby. I swear it was." Michael said innocently.

"LUKE!!!!!" I yelled as he started running down the rows of the venue. "I SWEAR IM GONNA KILL YOU!!!" I screamed at him.

He may be tall but I'm fast because I'm small. I finally caught up and jumped on one of the seats and leaped up, throwing my arms and legs around him.

"You asked for it, Lukey!" I screeched laughing. His face fell and he started protesting.


"Yes!" I yelled as I messed up his hair.

"My hair!!!" He cried. All the boys fell over laughing. "The fans are gonna love this!" Ashton said laughing.

"You didn't keek that did you?" Luke asked miserably. "You bet I did." Ash replied with a smirk. Luke climbed back on stage while I was still on him like a koala.

"Ughhhh!!!" Luke groaned bending backwards.

"LUCAS HEMMINGS!" I yelled holding on tighter. The boys, or men now, laughed even harder. My eyes widened in surprise.

"Yes my lady?" He said in a posh tone. I rolled my eyes. "You are an idiot! Mikey help me!!!" I cried out. Michael just giggled and came towards Luke and I.

"Sorry babe, he's your brother and I'm your fi-boyfriend. And besides this is hilarious. Your brother sister relationship could be a comedy show." He said bending down to where i was.

My long hair cascaded towards the floor. "Okay well I guess you don't get a prize tonight." I said with a small smirk.

"Honey, I got hands don't i? Two of them." He replied wearing the same smirk as I. Except his lips look better.

"Oh? If that's how you feel how about you do one of those 'do-it-yourself' things for....the rest of tour. I bet you can't." I said. Michael's eyes widened this time.

"That's seven months, Bella! I can't do that." He cried out shocked.

"Hey you brought this upon yourself." I said. Michael got on his knees and started begging. "No, baby, please I didn't mean it. Please, no baby, I won't say anything for the rest of the night except for the show I have to say stuff there but I promise that's all." Michael pleaded.

I nodded and smirked as an idea came into my head. I'm evil, but it's fun.


"No, words Mikey." I purred running my hands down his chest. "No words baby."

Michael squirmed in attempt to get some sort of contact in his lower region. "Nope, none of that either." I said hovering him now.

He whimpered. "P-please, B-Bella." I love seeing Michael like this. All vulnerable and begging.

"Shh, no words, daddy." I whispered the last part.

"Mmm, baby-"

"I said, no words. Do I need to teach you what no words means, baby?" I said pulling him up to his feet.

"Don't get too excited. If you keep talking you won't have anything." I said. Michael squirmed.

"Let's get a hotel room so we don't have to worry about the boys." I took his hand.


"Michael, you're gonna be quiet if we do this right baby?" I panted out trailing hot, wet, open-mouthed kisses down Michael's chest.

I looked up and batted my eyelashes as he nodded. Michael's eyebrows were furrowed and sweat was forming on his forehead.

"Okay, baby. Shall we begin?" I asked.


I woke up wrapped in Michael's arms. I sighed at the dream I had. Stupid Michael Clifford why must you be so sexy? I put my head on his chest.

"Stop moving." He mumbled with his brows furrowed...just like in the dream. It was my turn to squirm. I don't know what to do with myself.

After what happened the night I ran away, I shouldn't be dreaming things like this...or thinking about them when I wake up.

"I said stop moving." His voice said making him sound like a whining little kid. Somehow Michael was on top of me and his head was on my chest cuddling into me.

"Awwwh, you're so cute Mikey." I cooed. He lifted his head and looked at me with his eyes half open.

"I'm punk rock." He said.

"Yeah everyone calls you a kitten because you're punk rock." I retorted. He just tightened his iron grip on me and cuddled deeper into me.

"What do we have here?" An angry voice said from the doors of the lounge room.

"It's not what it looks like..?" I said almost as a question. Anger flashed in his eyes.

"Do you remember what happened the last time?" He seethed through gritted teeth. I narrowed my eyes and got up. Thankfully, Michael had sat up.

"You don't know what happened last time. You weren't there. You don't know anything about what happened." I said walking towards Calum getting madder by the second.

"I know what happened. They told me everything." I shuddered at the word 'everything'. It only made me madder because no he did not know everything and he is never going to either.

"Look," I started. "you don't know everything. And by the way you're acting right now, I doubt you ever will. I know everything, I was living it." I said my voice was low.

"The guys told me every-"

"You don't know everything Calum! Face it! Get it through your big head that you don't know everything! You never know everything about something so quit acting like you know everything about what happened that god forsaken night!!" I screamed at him.

"Goodbye." I said and pushed myself up the stairs no matter how much it hurt.

I got to my room and picked out some black skinny jeans with an eagles singlet I got for my eighteenth birthday. I shoved them on quickly but not before crying out in pain.

Footsteps could be heard rushing to my door. "What happened are you okay?!" Luke yelled coming in my room.

"I'm fine Luke get out." I said. When he came in I was suddenly alert, he hadn't known I relapsed. I never told him. It was in the past I didn't think he needed to know. Not all of my cuts were healed.

"Bella...what is that?" He asked his voice cracked.

"Luke, go..." I said quietly. "Please just leave."

"Bella, what is that." He said making me glare up at him.

"Lucas Robert Hemmings, I'm pretty sure you know damn well what it is." I said pulling up the rest of my jeans. "Please will you leave. Now." I continued through gritted teeth.

I got my clothes on and headed back downstairs bumping shoulders with Calum as he stood with his mouth hung open. "Bella, Bella where are you going?!" Luke asked me chasing after me going two steps at a time.

"Bella!! Get your ass back here right now." I stopped in my tracks and glared at Luke. I slowly made my back to him, my angry demeanor not changing one bit.

"You don't tell me what to do, little brother." I growled and before anyone could stop me I walked out the door and got in my car driving to no where.


I haven't gone home in a while. The boys have been calling me non-stop so I turned my phone off. I don't wanna listen to anything they have to say right now.

"Oh what am I going to do." I muttered to myself.

I locked my doors turned out the lights and jumped in the backseat of my car. I was literally in the middle of no where. It was a big meadowy place. I was on top of a hill out in the country somewhere. The stars were beautiful and bright. There was no other place I'd ever wanna be right now.

Well maybe cuddling with Michael. I closed my eyes and imagined my dream from last night. Almost a whole day had passed since then.

My thoughts were interrupted as I felt a cool breeze whirl around me like it was summer. I opened my eyes and sighed. It was a beautiful night.

I got off the car and climbed inside the car. Luckily, I kept a blanket in here for emergencies.

Wrapping the blanket around me, I curled up into the comfortable, soft seats. I started thinking about the boys. All I've done is cause them trouble. All I've done is hurt them. Maybe I should go somewhere. Far away.

Maybe I will.


Oooohhhh is Bella gonna go somewhere? If she is where is she gonna go?

Heyyyyy I know I said like twenty minutes but I'm watching hunger games and it's really hard to concentrate on writing while all the amazingness is going on on the tv!!!

Anyway, I love you guys literally so much haha xx~ Bel

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