Out of time

Time is an important thing. Sometimes it feels like forever is a long time and sometimes it feels like forever is just around the corner.


1. Chapter One

The grass feels soft against my skin. The sun feels warm and the wind feels cold. I can hear the sound of birds up in the trees. I can feel the earth under my hands. I have my eyes closed. I only see the inside of my eyelids. It usually dark but with the sun beaming down on me they are filled with yellow and red. A breeze creeps over my legs and I get goosebumps. I take a deep breath and slowly open my eyes. The blue sky is the first thing I see. There are almost no clouds in the sky. I sit up and look around. There's a couple walking near the lake. Some kids are playing at the playground with their parents looking at them while talking to each other. There's also three girls lying on a picnic blanket and giggling. I can't help but think of a younger version of myself when I look at giggling girls. It reminds me when my biggest problem was if I could sleep at my friends house or if I could go watch some movie when it was dark and not being able to take the train home alone. It reminded me of a time I had a curfew. A time someone needed me home.

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