Velvet Scars (SNK fic) (BL/yaoi)


1. Chapter One : Glad to Meet You

Disclaimer : I do not own Shingeki no Koyjin/Attack on Titan. I am just a fan using the wonderful characters for my own sick, twisted indulgence. [ ^ . ^]


Warning : This story contains content such as self-harm, depression, thoughts of suicide, etc. If you are not comfortable with such content, I suggest you either do not read any further, or read with much caution. The choice is yours and you have been warned. [ ^ . ^]


I don't know why, but I love fics where Levi is sad and he's crying and all that stuff. ..... I really don't know why but I just do..... Anyway, please enjoy this fanfic where Levi is going through a lot of pain and Eren is there to help the poor little (literally *shut up alycess this isn't supposed to be funny*) guy out. Also, I changed up so stuff so if anything doesn't make sense don't be afraid to ask, lovelies!

[ ^ . ^]


Velvet Scars

Chapter One : Glad to Meet You

Eren panted slightly as he ran, his heavy footsteps echoing in the quiet - except for the soft conversations - empty halls. It was early in the morning, 7:20, to be exact, and only nurses and a couple doctors roamed the halls of the hospital. Most hospitizled patients were either still asleep or eating breakfast in bed and, surprisingly, there were no early morning patients that came in.

A chuckle caught Erens' attention, and he turned to see a fellow nurse and his friend, Armin, hiding a laugh behind his hand as he tended to folding bed sheets. "Good morning, Eren." he greeted.

Eren stopped, mostly to catch his breath. "Morning, Arm." he righted himself from the hutched over postion he was in. "Did you see Ewrin or Hanji anywhere?"

"Yeah, they just past, actually. I saw them going that way," he pointed down the hall and to the right. "probably to the break room or something."

Eren smiled, relieved. "Thanks, Armin."

"Yeah, no problem." the blonde smiled back before turning to finish his job and Eren continued down the hall, this time only quickly walking instead of running.

Turning the corner and walking toward the breakroom door, the muffled sound of voices coming from inside confirmed that there were people inside and Eren just hoped it was who he wanted it to be - because he was probably already late as it is. Opening the door, he peeked in, only to let out a relieved breath when the two people inside were, indeed, Hanji and Ewrin, both sipping from mugs and sitting in one of the many chair at the large glass circle table in the room.

Hanji was the first to notice him as he stepped inside, shutting the door behind him, and the woman grinned, her light brown eyes shining. "Eren!"

At the mention of his name, the tall blonde frowned in confusion, following Hanjis' gaze and smiling. "Oh, Eren. Good morning."

Eren smiled, "Morning."

Erwin looked at his wrist as Eren sat down at the table, looking back up at him with an eyebrow raised. "You are early, Eren."

The burnettes' eyebrows widen and eyebrows furrowed. "What? Early?"

"Yeah," Hanji chimed in, taking Erwins' wrist and looking down at his watch as well. "you're about... an hour, actually. We weren't expecting you until 8:20 or at least 8:40."

"Wha? But I thought you said to be here by 7:20." Eren directed the comment at Erwin, who chuckled at the burnettes' expression.

"No, I said 8:20."

Eren groaned, letting his head fall onto his folded arms. "Mikasa kicked me out of my bed this early for no reason. I have a bruise on my side for no reason."

Hanji laughed, "Oh, awesome! Lemme check it out. I wanna prod your body, Eren."

Eren looked up, "Uh..."

"Hanji, no. It's to early for you're... strange ways." Erwin said causing Hanji to pout and lean back in her seat. "But, since you're already here, Eren, I suppose I could tell you now." when Erwin said this, Hanjis' expressioned turned serious and a little sorrowful. Eren blinked, becoming a bit panicy because Hanji is never serious unless the situation called for it.

"Um... w-what is it?"

"Well, we wanted to ask a favor of you. It may be a bit personal on out part but it is actually in your work."

Now relaxed - even if only slightly - Eren leaned back in his seat, looking between the two doctors. "If you guys want me to go buy everyone doughnuts, I'll do it. You don't have to make this so serious - well, maybe for Sasha-"

"No, Eren. It's not that, although, doughnuts do sound good right now." Hanji said thoughtfully but Erwin sent her a look and she quickly got back on track. "Actually, we wanted to be a home attendent for someone."

Eren tilted his head, confused. "Home attendent?" they had never asked him to do that before. He had only started his job as a nurse a couple months ago and although he was good at his job, he was only used to doing it inside the hospital, where there were people to ask if he didn't know how to do something.

"Yes." Erwin spoke now, seeing Erens' confusion. "I know that you think you aren't experienced enough for this but it isn't very difficult."

"Yeah, it'll really easy, especially with the patient you have."

Eren nodded. "Oh, okay."

"But, it's only if you're willing to do it." Erwin said. " If you don't want too, it's fine. It isn't required. Like we said, it's more of a favor."

Eren looked away for a moment, thoughtful. This would be new territory for him, but then again, it was his job. He did this because he wanted to help people, in anyway he could, no matter where. So, it being in someone elses home didn't bother him to much, the whole idea didn't bother him much at all, really. It was just the he was worried that he wouldn't be able to carry the job out the way he was supposed to; if he screwed up somehow and if Erwin said this was something kind of personal to both of them, he didn't want to let them down at all.

Though, he wouldn't know if he didn't try. And who knows, maybe it'll be fun.

"No," Eren finally said and he watched as Hanjis' face completely fell, but he smiled. "I'll do it."

Hanjis' eyes widen, a grin spreading across her face as she quickly leaned over the table - her entire torso on it - and took his hand, seeing as that was the only thing she could reach of the moment.

"You'll do it?! Really?!" he nodded. "Oh, that's great! Amazing! Thank you-"

"Hanji, some patients are still alseep," Ewrin noted, patting Hanjis' arm but he wore a smile of his own. "It is greatly appriciated, Eren. Thank you."

"Uh, no problem but... do you mind telling about him?"

"Don't worry, it's inside his folder, it'll tell you everything-"

"No, I mean, why it's personal for you," he said before quickly adding, "if it isn't to, um, personal."

Both elders grew quiet, looking at one another before Hanji shrugged and smiled. "He deserves to know if he's going to do it, and Levi definatly won't tell him."

"You're right," Erwin chuckled. "You'll learn about him more from his profile, but for now, just know that he is a dear friend to us and needs... someone. He's not the best to get along with but that's mostly because he's just been alone for so long and he's just distrustful. We thought you'd be a good home attendent for him because of your personality."

"Is that a bad thing?"

"Oh, no! Definately not! See, I've done tests before - having to do with personalities and things like that, it was just something I did when I was bored one day - and I found the phrase 'opposites attract' is actually true. That two individuals with different personalities actually do get along very well at the end of the day-"

Erwin cut off Hanji as she was progressively getting more excited and louder. "What she means is that with your bright personality, you would be great friend for him."

Eren chuckled. "With the way you guys are making him sound, I don't think he'd let me in his house."

"No. He may not be the nicest but he isn't rude. At least not in the way you think he is."

"Okay, well, when do I start?"

"Whever you're ready."

Eren looked down at his own watch, it was only 7:45 now, and today had been his day off anyway but when he heard that Erwin wanted him to come in, he had been prepared for regular work but since he had nothing better to do all day.

"Today is cool."

Erwin and Hanji stared at him incridiculously. "Today?"

"Yeah. Unless today isn't good?"

"Um, no, today is fine, but..." Hanji looked at Erwin, signaling for help as she trailed off.

"Are you sure? Today is your day off."

Eren shrugged. "Well, I decided since I'm already here, I might as well just do something. So, yeah, I'm sure."

"Okay then!" Hanji shot up from her chair, startling Eren so much he jumped from the sudden outburst of energy. She grinned down at him, hands on her hips. "I'll go get his profile so you could read it over!" and with that, she left - ran out of - the room and Erwin stood.

"And I'll go give him a call and let him know you're coming today. He doesn't like surprise visits."

Eren nodded and watched as the blonde doctor left the room before standing up to go make himself a mug of coffee. Hanji came back not to long after and handed him the folder, only to leave quickly after saying that a patient was in need of help so Eren was left to silently read over the profile as he sipped from the mug.

He frowned at the folder, usually, profiles for patients were entirely full - going from the day they became a patient and so on until they were granted a leave, but this one looked as if there was nothing inside. Eren opened it to find only two papers, one holding his personal information - half of the page blank - and the other holding his medical information.

His name was Rivialle Ackerman - Ackerman? He'd have to ask his sister if she knew of him - and he was 25 years old. The rest was his weight and height - which was a bit below average for someone his age - gender, adress, and phone number. The second page, it seemed Rivialle was diagnoised with anxity, depression, and post-tramatic stress. Then it explained the prescriptions he was supposed to take and how to deal with him when he has an episode.

Eren blinked down at the paper. Knowing that he was new to this, Eren expected to have to attend to a child with an illness or disorder, or at least an just to help an elderly but this - this was entirely unexpected. Eren was new to this, he had no idea how to deal with someone who has an post-tramatic stress disorder. And it also said he tended to get a bit violent sometimes. If this was a child, Eren knew he would be able to deal with it and have patientce, but this is a grown man. Don't get him wrong, he understands that when sick like this - especially mentally as Rivialle was - that sometimes you do things without thought or you don't even know you're doing them but Eren had had anger mangement before - seeing as he was an explosive kid in junior and highschool - and even though he understands this, he still might do something he would greatly regret - like fighting with a patient.

But he wasn't about to back down from this task. He just hoped all the anger mangement classes wouldn't be for nothing if this guy did 'get a bit violent'.

Eren stood, having finished reading everything and rinised out his mug before leaving the breakroom in search of Erwin. The tall blonde was by the front desk, tapping the screen of his phone before looking up and smiling - though it was a bit warily.

"Eren, I just got finished talking with him. Did you read it?"

"Yeah," Eren shrugged. "Not really what I expected, but..."

Erwin grew serious, "I know. Him being diagnoised with everything he has been wasn't expected by any of us, but, Eren, if you go today and it is to much for you to handle, you tell me and I'll try something else."

Eren smiled. "No worries. I'm sure everything will be fine."

"Okay, if you're ready and you know the adress, you can go. He's expecting you. Either me or Hanji will give you a call to see how it went after, okay?"

"Got it."

"Oh, and, don't... call him by his first name. Just call him Levi."

Eren nodded before walking out of the front doors toward his car. He had the folder with him so he'd know where to go, and it seemed it wasn't that far from the hospital either.

* * * * *

Eren stepped out of his car, looking down at the paper that had the adress on it and looking down the side walk to see a post with the same street name on it and then at the house in front of him that had the same four numbers on a plate near the front door.

"Seems about right..." he mumbled to himself, closing the car door and opening the gate to the house.

He walked up the stone path and up the patio stairs, checking once again because there have been times where his eyes played ticks and he wondered if he had dislexiya or something. It was correct and then Eren began to feel nervous. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. They had said Levi was distrustful and Erwin had seemed wery when he hung up the phone. What if he didn't let him in at all? What if he didn't even answer the door? Oh God, what if-

The door he was standing in front of cut off Erens' thoughts as it swung open. Eren blinked and looked - down - at who opened it. A man only a couple inches shorter than him stood in the thresh-hold, his hair an inky black color, the back shaved into an undercut and the front in bangs hanging over his eyes, parted just slightly from the center so there was more on one side than the other, and his skin was a pale white - the contrast made Eren blink again. His face was sharp and angular, it reminded Eren of a sculpture he had once seen in an art museum, like his eyebrows - seeming as if they were drawn on rather than natrual - and his eyes were heavy lidded, looking as if he wore eye liner but that did nothing to decrease how sharp his eyes were. They were a light steel blue and currently fixed on him in an icy glare.

"Home attenent?" he questioned curtly and Eren blinked - for the umpteenth time - at how deep his voice was. It wasn't raspy, like Eren would expect a voice this deep to be, but instead was smooth and low, a contrast to his height - for Eren, at least.

Eren noticed his raised eyebrow, his expression expectant but besides that, emotionless. "Ah, um, yes, I am," and just because he felt the sudden need to, he added, "sir."

Levis' eyebrow raised just a bit more at the 'sir' but he then ran his eyes from Erens' face, down, and them back to his face before turning and walking back into the house, mumbling 'leave your shoes by the door' before turning right and disappearing around the corner. Eren stood, staring down the hall before realizing Levi had left the door open for him to enter, and he did, doing what he was told and toe-ing off his shoes near a pair of slippers in the corner near the front door.

He began to walk down the hallway, deciding to follow Levi into whatever room he went into, and looked up at the walls as he did. There were paintings of various things hung up, a fall scenery, a beach - which caught Erens' attention most - and other things. He hadn't realized he'd slow down to look at the pictures so he hurried toward the room so Levi wouldn't think he was doing anything and when he turned the way he had turned, he walked striaight into a kitchen.

Levi was sitting at the island, a tea cup set down beside him and a book in his hand. He didn't even awknowlegde the presence of Eren when he entered the room, only continued reading. Eren stood, feeling more than just a bit awkward before he decided to break it.

"I'm... Eren."

"I didn't ask for your name." was the immiediate reply and Eren was a little taken aback.

"Oh, um," lost for words and just feeling as if he needed to, he said, "I'm sorry."

Levi looked up from his book then, icy blue eyes so intense that Eren had to fight the blush threatening to spread across his cheeks and he felt his shoulders slump in relief when he said nothing and looked back down at his book that was covering half of his face with the way he held it.

Again, Eren began to feel awkward just standing in the doorway of someone elses kitchen. He's a home attendent, he's here to help the patient.

"Is there..." he trailed off when Levi seemed to be ignoring him, but started up again anyway. "anything you want me to do...?"


Again, maybe this wasn't the best idea.


Whew, finished, finally. This chapter was just a chapter full of nothing, though. Mainly just diolouge and I am sorry for that. Also, I hoped I wasn't to OOC with the characters. I tried to make sure that Hanji was a bit bipolar - if she wasn't here, she will be later - Erwin was proper - spoke like it, at least - Eren was... Eren and Levi was quick and smooth. yes. quick and smooth...

Aaaaaanyway, I hope you enjoyed, even if it wasn't much, but you learned some stuff, right? Like what Levi is diagnoised with and stuff, but anyway, yea. Erens' twenty btw.

Until the next chapter~! TO INFINITY - AND BEYOND! *blasts into the moon*

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