New movella


1. chapter 1:meeting micheal clifford

micheal's pov

i was singing and playing my guitar and i looked out into the aduiance and i seen the most beautiful girl there was out there and she was in the front row an then we got done with our concert and i yelled "thank you guys you were amazing"and i told our bodygaurd "can you bring that girl from the front row back here"and he said "sure thing micheal what shirt was she in?"i said "a black crop top"an then our bodygaurd came back and he had her with him an he said"is this her?"i said "yes." I looked at her and bit my lip and she looked down and blushed then i asked"hey beautiful whats your name?"she said"im taylor and your micheal right?"i smiled when she said that and said "yes i am"

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