It Started On The Radio


1. Ch. 1

Elizabeth’s P.O.V.

"Elizabeth!" ... "ELIZABETH!" Ugh. This is what I wake up to almost every morning, considering its summer vacation. Everyday either my mom or my older sister Deanna yells at me to wake up to do something for their benefit. I wonder what it is today.

“What!” I yelled back at them.

“Wake up and come do the dishes!” My annoying pain in the behind sister says from the other side of the house. My only thought besides how much she annoys me is, wow. Thats a new one. Because usually it’s babysit my niece, take out the garbage, or clean my room, not usually dishes.


“Coming!” Oh my gosh. Can’t a girl even think to herself anymore without being yelled at?

“No you’re not! I know you’re still in bed laying down!” This always happens. So I finally got up out of my nice, warm, comfy bed and almost literally dragged myself down the stairs.

“I’m right here! Calm your butt!” I always say that to her, just because it pisses her off most of the time. I then finish emptying and refilling the dishwasher and went upstairs and back to sleep.

When I woke up again I looked at the clock that rested on the nightstand beside my bed, and saw that it was almost three o’clock in the afternoon. I heard the familiar tone of my phone and unlocked it to see that i had a text from Nicole.

From: Nicole

I’ll be at your house @ 5! I hope you’re ready for the best

night of your life!!! See you later! Bye. :)

Oh great. I almost forgot about tonight. My friend Nicole is dragging me with her to the One Direction concert that she won tickets for from a radio station. She got 2 front and center seat tickets, Meet & Greet, a private show after the concert, and 1D is taking us shopping at the mall tomorrow. yay. note the sarcasm.

I mean I don’t hate One Direction, but I’m just not one of those girls that swoon over them, drool at the their faces, and faint at the slightest sight of them. Sure I’m a fan. I have my favorite songs by them, which mine happen to be “Rock Me” and “I Would”, I know all their songs and lyrics, I have my favorite member, Harry Styles, and I love that we’re going to see them in concert and get to met them. I’m just not going to faint or scream at the sight of them. Sure they’re good looking and can sing, but they still are normal people.

After a good twenty minutes of staring at the ceiling thinking to myself I got up and got dressed and ready. Then I went downstairs to eat something for dinner before we go.

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