Kathleena has just moved to Wolfsbane, Arkansas with her parents. After her very strange first day of school, she was almost killed by wolves. She notices some very odd things with some of the people that live here, and her inner Ninja wants to find out what is really going on. Damian is the most gorgeous man she has ever seen. She can't help but feel some sort of attraction towards him. She knows he is hiding something. She isn't sure she wants to know. (Sorry for the vague description. I'm not sure what I want this story to be about... I am just thinking of ideas from chapter to chapter. I will update the description once I get a better idea of how I want this story to turn out! This is my first story. So hang in there with me. Thanks! Kels <3


1. The Start Of The Barbie War

“Shit!” I screamed as I yet again kick a rock.

I live in the middle of freakin’ nowhere and my parents forgot to get me from school this afternoon. I was pissed! Pissed was an understatement. I was furious. How do you forget to pick up your daughter from school? THEIR ONLY CHILD! They just forgot me. I should have just rode with Steph. Ugh.

“They are buying me a car tomorrow if they want to keep me as their daughter.” I whispered to myself as I thought about my first day at my new school. The teachers were pretty descent to be considering I moved halfway during the school year. Thankfully, I’ve already learned most of what they taught before I got there.

Now the students were another story…. They were just plain out rude. Well most of them. I just didn’t get how they could be so mean to someone they’ve never met.


Oh man, oh man, ohhhhh mannnnnnn……

This is the largest school EVER. It looked about three stories high and was breathtaking. Who would have thought that a school in the middle of nowhere would be so big??? Where did these people even live?? On my way here, I barely saw any houses but looking at this school and all the students just lingering around outside, I knew these people most live in the woods like I did. The houses must be hidden from the main road.

“Sweetheart, you have a great day at school and try to just make the best of it.” My Mother said to me smiling, her brown eyes showing me her true feelings. She knew I never wanted to move here, and that leaving my lifelong friends behind just about killed me. My parents had fallen on tough times when the factory my Father managed was closed. We had only moved here because my Dad was offered a nice paying job.

“Of course Mommy, I am sure I will love it here.” I tried my hardest to smile a real smile so she wouldn’t feel guilty anymore. “I mean look at this school! It is awesome!”

She laughed at that, “That is it, dear, that it is.”

“Look, sweetie, I know you didn’t want to me here but….” She started to say.

“No Mom, it is okay. I understand. I promise.” I said truly smiling now because my Mother is the most precious person I know and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. It wasn’t her fault or my Dads. They couldn’t help it that his job has closed down and the closest place with a good paying job was 12 hours away.

Welp. Time to kick today’s ass!” I all but yelled at her giving her a hug and kiss on the cheek.

Kathleena don’t curse!” my Mother said to me as a got out of the car.

I waved bye and she drove away laughing.

Turning to the school I realized I had caught the attention of some of the students. They were staring at me not even trying to hide it. I straightened my back and held my head high as I began to walk towards the front door of what would become my own personal hell.

Time to face the dogs, Kat.

I found the office pretty fast which I was very thankful. I was sick of these people just staring at me like they have never seen a human being before. I didn’t know whether it was because I was starting four months into the school year or because they knew I was a secret ninja who could kick their asses.


Okay! Maybe I’m not a ninja but damn I wished these people would stop staring at me. I may have red hair but I wasn’t the devil.

I wonder if the Devil even has red hair. Probably not.

Cough cough.

Startled I looked up at a plump lady in her forties with her glasses hanging dangerously close to the end of her nose. I hadn’t noticed I made it to the front desk I was too far in my thoughts.

I have to stop doing that. Spacing out. This lady does remind me of Dumbledore though. Haha. I wonder if they are rel….

“Excuse me Miss but can I help you?” Dumbledore’s sister said to me.

“Oh… I’m sorry. M-m-my name is….” I started to say.

“Kathleena McCormick.”

Shit. She is a witch. Dumbledore’s very own sister. Got damn.

“Um, yes ma’am, that is me.” I said smiling. “How did you know my name?”

She gave me a look like I was crazy. “You’re parents registered you two weeks ago and you’re our only new student, so lucky guess.”

Liar. Witch.

“Here is your schedule and a map of the school. You will get lost the first few days. Just ask anyone around and they will help you. The teachers are sure to give you a pass being a little late considering you’re new. Welcome to Wolfsbane High. Enjoy your first day dear.” She said handing me my papers.


Walking out the door, I turned to the lady. “Tell Dumbledore I said hey. He is awesome.”

She turned red and looked at me with wide eyes not knowing what to say.

I laughed.

Riiinnnngggg. Riiinnngggg. Riiinngggg.

The first period bell rang. I had no idea where I was going and there was no one in sight. What the fuckkkkk. Where did all those students go so fast?

Too first period you idiot.

Oh yea… duh. Looking at my schedule, first period Calculus with Mr. Martz. I looked at my map and saw he was on the second floor. Great. I found the stairs a little way up the hallway and started climbing up them. I looked up and down that stupid hallway and couldn’t for the life of me find the room.

Stupid map.


I almost had a heart attack then and there. My heart was beating so fast and hard I swore the blonde girl down the hallway could hear it. Almost like she did, she looked up from her little tantrum and look directly at me with a sneer on her face.

I’m going to be murdered by a blonde princess decked all out in pink. Just peachy.

She started walking towards me.

“What the hell are you staring at freak?” she about screamed at me. “Have you never heard a door slamming before?”

I just stared. This girl almost looked like an angel. She had perfect bleach blonde hair, perfect blue eyes, perfect skin, perfect teeth, and just plain ole perfect. If she would just get that ugly look off her face she would be perfect.

“Can you not fucking hear or speak?”

“I a-a-a-am lost.” I said nervous to be standing so close to someone who was everything I wasn’t.

“Oh my God, a fucking retard. Awesome.” She said grabbing my schedule out of my hands and laughing. “Your class in right in front of you idiot.”

I looked at the class in front of me and it said Mrs. Templeton. “No, I am looking for Mr. Martz class.”

She got even more upset when I said that.



She was shaking she was so mad. I didn’t understand why she was so angry. I only asked a freakin’ question. Dang.


I basically ran into the classroom and quickly shut the door closed. The girl looked ready to burst and it really freaked me out. I didn’t know someone could get so mad so fast for no reason.

What is up her as….

“Nice of you to finally join us Ms. McCormick.” I heard from behind my back.

I turned to the shocked faces of my classmates.

“We were just calling role. Before I do that, you can introduce yourself to the class and me.” Mr. Martz said quickly.

I hate being the center of attention. Way to feed me to the dogs Martz.

I tried to not look at any of the students as I introduced myself. “Um…. My name is Kathleena McCormick. I-I-I…” I heard a few laughs but continued anyways. “am from Georgia. I m-m-moved here because my Dad got a job here. I am almost 17. I love to-o-o-o read. Um, that is about it.” I said finally looking at my fellow students. About all of them had amused looks on their faces. I gulped and was scared they all saw my fear of standing up here in front of them.

“Okay Kathleena. It is very nice to meet you. Would anyone like to ask Ms. McCormick a question?”

What the fuck, no!

A few hands shot up.

I hate my life. Swear it.

“Barbie.” Mr. Martz called.

Barbie? She didn’t look like a Barbie more like a slut with bleached hair. Barbie suited the girl outside better than this icky person.

“What is with all the freckles? Have you never heard of foundation? Or staying out of the sun?’’ the fake Barbie bitch said as a few people laughed.

“BARBIE! That is enough! I’m sorry Kathleena.” Martz said with a fake look of concern on his face. “Just have a seat, no more questions.” I took a seat in the very back of the room away from everyone else. “Okay, now roll call. Aiden?”

Here.” A mousy looking boy two seat up said.

I zoned out. I couldn’t help my face had so many freckles. Blame it on my Irish ancestors, bright red hair and so many freckles on my face you couldn’t tell my skin color. I rarely found anymore who

made fun of me for it anymore. Everyone back home had grown up with me and gotten used to it. What is with these people being so rude? I just wanted to go home, not here home but Georgia home. I missed my friends who didn’t care about my freckles and were nice to me. I miss my best friend, Jackie. I missed my Granny. Hell, I even missed Derek. The meanest person I ever met until today.

I felt tears well up in my eyes. I will not cry. I will NOT cry. I WILL NOT cry.

Welp, too late. I felt a tear slide down my face. I quickly wiped it away and looked around to see if anyone had noticed. Of course, the fake Barbie had, looking at me with a smirk on her face. I looked down to my desk.

Maybe this is like The Wizard of Oz and if I tapped my feet together I would be home. Tap tap tap. Stupid shit didn’t even work. Dumb movies.


When Mr. Martz said that name I felt a shill go up my spine. Like the name touched every part of my body. Goosebumps had sprouted all over my body. I felt my nipples harden.

What the fuck.

I looked up to search to the person who belonged to that name but someone said, “Him and the boys aren’t here today. They had some things to take care of.”

“Oh, okay. Thanks Brandon.” Martz said to the blonde boy who had spoken. He acted like he didn’t even care the “boys” didn’t show up for class.

I wish I was one of the boys, I don’t wanna be hereeeee.

Mr. Martz call went by pretty quickly as did the next two classes. The other teachers didn’t make me stand up and introduce myself, I was happy they didn’t. I wasn’t happy about the real blonde Barbie from the hallway was in my English class. I made sure to sit as far away from here as possible. Hoping she wouldn’t notice me.

“Hi.” I heard a timid voice say beside me. I was shocked speechless for a second. This was the first person to actually talk to me today without sounding mean. “Hey!” I said to the girl next to me with a smile. She was just so small. Shorter than me and that was saying something. I was only 5’1! She looked about 4’11 and maybe a solid 100 pounds. She was just adorable with her glasses and curly brown hair.

We can make a club called the Curly Haired Bitches of the World! I couldn’t wait.

“You’re new?” the new Vice President of The CHBOFW said.

“Yes I am. My name is Kathleena but I like to be called Kat.”

She giggled, “You kinda remind me of a cat I used to have, orange hair with blue eyes. My name is Stephanie.”

I smiled at her liking her more and more because she compared me to a cat.

“Sooooo….” I drawled out, “how long have you lived here Stephanie?”

“My whole entire life.”

“So you can tell me what is stuck up real Barbie’s butt, can’t you?” I asked.

Real Barbie??” I asked with a laugh. I pointed at the blonde crazy girl on the other side of the room. She looked at me and signed. “She thinks she is the best thing in this town, she has a little problem with her anger.”

I couldn’t tell.

Steph started laughing. I thought she was going to hurt herself the way she was laughing being so tiny and all.

“Shit, did I say that out loud?” She looked up at me and started laughing all over again. “You better stop laughing so hard before you burst a lung little one.”

“I hope she does. She needs to die.” We both stopped laughing and saw the real Barbie looking at us. Steph looked down to her desk and didn’t say anything. I can handle someone being mean to me but I will not tolerate my best friend and vice president being treated that way!

“Listen here fake Barbie maybe you just need to turn around and mind your own. Thanks!” I said as calmly as I could. Everyone in the room had stopped talking and was watching us. Steph looked at me shocked.

“I don’t know who the fuck you think you are but you need to take your trashy ass back to where you came from before I fuck your world up bitch.

I busted out laughing, I just couldn’t help it.

Barbie? Hurt someone, neverrrrr.

She got super red and started to get up. Just then the teacher walked in and told everyone to get their books out and turn to page 12. Fake Barbie sat down not looking too happy about the teachers interruption.

Stephanie scooted her desk closer to mine and put her book on both of our tables so I could look along. “Thanks.” She said quietly. “No one has ever stood up for me before.”

“Don’t mention it! I can’t have anyone being rude to my best friend and Vice President.”

Ummmm, Vice President?” she laughed a little.

“Duh. We are going to form a club for the curly haired bitc…..”

“Girls! Why are you talking?” the teacher said from across the room. “And who are you?” she said walking towards my desk.

“I am K-k-Kathleena. I am new.”

Curse my stuttering.

“You should have come to me before deciding to just take it upon yourself to group together in my class. Go get a book of the shelf and read the story before I give you detention for talking during my class!”

Is everyone an asshole in this school or what?

I got up to go to the shelf she pointed at realizing I had to pass the real Barbie’s desk to get there.

I really need to find out this girls name.

She was smirking at me. I knew that couldn’t be a good sign so I went around the back of the class to get the book instead of passing by her. But of course someone else tripped me up. I felt myself turning red in embarrassment as the classes started laughing.

“What are you doing on the floor? Get up and do your work before I really do give you detention! Just because it is your first day, doesn’t mean you get a break!” the teacher barked at me.

I got up as people still laughed to glare at the person who tripped me. The fake Barbie. Of course she is friends with the real one, it only fit. I bet my left foot the real Barbie was jealous her name wasn’t Barbie.

I just got my book and sat back down smiling at Stephanie and started reading the story. The bell rang as I finished the last of the questions. Steph and I turned in our papers and left the room.

“We have lunch next. Would you like to sit with me?” Steph asked me.

“YES!” I exclaimed jumping up and down.

“Calm down. It is just a lunch table!” Stephanie laughed.

“NO! I’m excited about lunch. My favorite of all my favorite things in the world. Books being my first favorite of course. Even though I couldn’t live off books, well maybe if I ate the pages but who wants to eat the pages of their favorite book. That is just sad. Then I could never read that book again. So maybe food is my favorite favorite thing in the world. I don’t know; let me get back to you on that one Steffy.”

“You are an odd one Kat. You need to go get checked then maybe you can get a check one a month for your handicap.”

“HEY! I do not have a handicap. I am normal. Thank you very much.” Acting like I was offended I stomped off. “You’re going the wrong way normal one.” Steph said laughing yet again. I rolled my eyes. “You really are going to break a lung or something with all this laughing you are doing.”

She just laughed, grabbing my arm, and dragging me the other direction.

Gosh dang there is like a million people in the cafeteria. I will never get any food at this rate and I will die of starvation. My poor parents, they will be so upset. I can’t die. I won’t die. I will get my food if I have to fight for it.


So I waited in line like a good girl. Happy when it came my time to get my food. I piled pizza, mac-n-cheese, peach cobbler, corn and a piece of chicken on my plate, grabbing two chocolate milks on the way. I paid for my stuff and waited for Steph to finish.

$11.25 for this little bit of food??? What is the world coming to? A girl can’t even get a decent meal without breaking her bank account. Sob.

Steph finished paying for her food and I followed her to a table where two others sat. The mousy guy from my first period, Aiden, and some girl I haven’t seen before. She had midnight black hair and so much eyeliner on she could give some to every female here and still have too much.

“Aiden. Chloe. This is Kat, she is new.” Steph said gesturing to me.

They looked at me with wide eyes.

“Wow you have a lot of freckles.” said Aiden.

No shit Sherlock.

“Are you really going to eat all that?”

I looked at Chloe. For someone so bad ass looking she sure had a soft spoken voice. Odd.

“Girls gotta eat.”

“That is enough food for about three people.”

I gave her the stink eye and started eating my food.


“Where do you think she puts it all?” I heard Aiden say. I looked up, they were all looking at me. “In my stomach, duh.”

Steph laughed.

I really don’t want her to hurt herself with all this laughing poor tiny girl.

“Well well well, what do we have here? The freaky clown bitch and her little nerdy friends. You’re going to get fat as a whale eating all that Kat.The real Barbie said approaching our table. She had three other look-a-like fake Barbies with her.

Oh no, they are going to start an army of Barbie’s and take over the world. Will I survive the Barbie war or dying fighting off the blonde bimbos to save mankind?

All the sudden, all hell broke loose. Apparently I said that out loud. Stupid mouth. Steph had milk in her mouth when I said it and accidently spit it out on the real Barbie. Chloe was laughing so hard she was on the ground crying and Aiden looked about as shocked as I felt. The fake Barbie was for real shaking she was so angry.

One of the Barbie look-a-likes said, “Ana you need to calm down before this gets out of hand.”


Ana, so that is the real Barbie’s name…. doesn’t even fit her.

“Calm down! Calm DOWN!” Ana yelled. “That bitch spit milk on me. She is going to fucking pay! I will kill her!!” I felt like everyone in the cafeteria was staring at us. They are waiting for the Barbie War to take place. I haven’t had time to prepare. I’m not ready! I haven’t trained my Barbie fighting skills!


We all jumped and spun around. There was Mr. Martz red faced with a vein at his head throbbing. He looked worse than Ana. Speaking of Ana, “This slut spit milk on me!” pointing to Steph who was about to cry. “I didn’t mean to Mr. Martz, honest. It was an accident.” Steph managed to tremble out a few tears streaming down her face.

“Ana, go to the nurse and ask her to send you home. I will talk to you about this tomorrow!” Martz said.

Ana growled, storming away with her Barbie minions not far behind.

Did Barbie’s growl like animals? Maybe she is a demon in a borrowed human body. Yep, that’s it.

“Stephanie, my room after school!” Mr. Martz said as he too stormed off.

I looked at Steph, Chloe and Aiden. We all busted out laughing.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. No one else talked to me, just my three friends. Everyone else just stared at my face like I wasn’t human. I even got out of going to my last period class, which was gym, when the gym teacher noticed I was new and didn’t have a change of clothes. I was super happy; I hate gym with every little piece of me. One more day without gym was heaven. So I just sat on the bleachers, put on my head phones and listen to some good ole country music. When class was over Steph found me and offered me a ride home.

“My parents should be here any second to get me. Thanks though!” I said giving her a quick hug.

She looked shocked I hugged her but shrugged it off. “You’re welcome. I will see you tomorrow girl.” She got into her cute little green VW bug. The car suited her perfect. Just her size and everything.

What if she drove a monster truck? That would be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I have got to get her in one of those. I would die.

So there I sat, on the front steps of the school for half an hour before I finally accepted the fact that my parents had forgotten about me.

I should have just ridden with Stephanie. Great.

End Of Flashback….

It was already starting to get really dark, and I was only halfway there.

“Thanks so much Mom and Dad for moving in the middle of the woods, away for any other human life, forgetting to pick me up, & making me walk home where I could get kidnapped , killed, and

dumped in the middle of these god forsaken woods!!!” I said to myself.

God, I was starting to get really scared now. I should have never said that I thought. No one would ever find me if someone killed me. Never ever ever.

I started to walk faster. Every noise scaring me now. I’m going to kill my parents if I even made it home without Charles Manson popping up out of the woods to take me to his cult of females. They would shave my head. Oh my Goodness…. My hair.


My head whipped to the edge of the woods so fast I swear my neck would never be the same.

“You can’t have my hair!!!!” I screamed as I started running. “Manson, I will not join your cult!!! You won’t take me alive!!!”

I took off hoping to outrun Manson and his crazy cult girls before they caught me. You’re so stupid I thought to myself. Isn’t Manson in jail or dead? I sure hope so.

Maybe not I heard my conscience yelp as I heard something running after me. Many somethings.

I will not look back. I will not look back. I WILL NOT LOOK B….. Oh shit.

I looked back to find five horse sized wolves running after me.

I am going to die, no doubt about it. They are going to kill me and serve me to their babies. Wolf babies.

I would give anything to change trade these wolves into Manson right about now. At least Manson wouldn’t eat me while I was still alive.

The wolves were growling at me. I guess they were mad I was running. What was I supposed to do? Sacrifice myself to them like some pagan to the Gods. Hell no.



Chapter 1 is continued... 

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