Kathleena has just moved to Wolfsbane, Arkansas with her parents. After her very strange first day of school, she was almost killed by wolves. She notices some very odd things with some of the people that live here, and her inner Ninja wants to find out what is really going on. Damian is the most gorgeous man she has ever seen. She can't help but feel some sort of attraction towards him. She knows he is hiding something. She isn't sure she wants to know. (Sorry for the vague description. I'm not sure what I want this story to be about... I am just thinking of ideas from chapter to chapter. I will update the description once I get a better idea of how I want this story to turn out! This is my first story. So hang in there with me. Thanks! Kels <3


2. Chapter 1 Continued!

I was running faster than I have ever ran in my life. I knew they were going to catch me but why not try. I couldn’t just let myself die without a fight. I was raised better than that. I need to get them to go away. I saw a pretty good sized rock up ahead. I am going to face these monsters and beat them! Probably not but it was worth a try. I could no long breathe from running so far and the pinching in my side was starting to hurt, bad.

I grabbed the rock, panting, and turned around to face the demons sent from the devil himself.

“You will not take my without a fight, you hear me!” I yelled at the four biggest animals I have ever seen in my life.

They were beautiful monsters. They stood in a line in front of me, just standing there like they dared me to move. I was shocked at how big and pretty they were. Like a mythical creature from my story

books. The two on both ends on the line were identical, from the dark brown coat of their fur to the white line that formed an arrow in the middle of their foreheads. They had brown eyes that almost glowed with green swirls in them. Gorgeous. They two in the middle were so different from each other. One had white fur, no blonde fur, and pure blonde fur with piercing green eyes. The last one, bigger than the rest, was an orange red color with black spots all over his fur. His eyes frightened me the most… They were so dark, they were almost black. It felt I was staring into the dark soul of the monster before me.

I was going to be killed by the most magical creatures I have ever seen.

Beautiful animals that are going to kill you if you don’t stop daydreaming about them! My thoughts snapped me out of my daydream. They surrounded me now, circling me with their bodies ready to pounce, growling. I tensed. I hadn’t realized how close they had gotten to me. Stupid self.

I raised my fist to throw the rock at one of them.

“Don’t you come near me! I will not let you take me to Manson! He can’t have my hair or carve that thing in the middle of my forehead! You won’t take me alive.” I yelled.

I swear one of the wolves laughed. Well not a human laugh, but a little wolf laugh.

Do wolves even have a sense of humor? I can just picture wolves sitting around in the wolves telling little wolf jokes and laughing. Haha. That is kinda cute.


I fell backwards hitting the ground pretty hard. I couldn’t even breathe. I opened my eyes and the wolf with the green eyes was on top of me, growling. I’m going to die so young. I haven’t even lived yet. Never even kissed a boy before and here I was about to die.

“Just let me kiss a boy before you kill me, please” I pleaded tears falling down my face.

There goes that little wolf laugh again.

“I don’t want to die. Not today, maybe tomorrow.”

The wolf snapped its jaws closed really close to my neck and I screamed, “STTTOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Then all the sudden, they were gone running off into the woods. I was freaked out. They were just playing with me, a cat and mouse game. Human and wolf game more like it. They were going to act like they were gone and as soon as I turned my back; they were going to pounce and eat me alive. So I just sat there listening and waiting for them to come back. I sat there for a good 25 minutes before I saw headlights coming from the direction of my house. I just sat there trembling, hoping the car didn’t run me over. Safe from wolves but taken out by a car. That would be my luck. The car stopped a few feet in front of me. I couldn’t see what kind of car it was because the lights were so bright in my eyes.

I heard the door open….

Manson is coming to make me join his cult. I’d rather join it than be eaten by wolves. I am going to live in a cave, my head shaved, sign in my forehead, get brain washed and kill people for a living. Awesome.

“Kathleena! Oh my God! Are you okay?!!??” I heard my Dad shout.

Thank goodness it was just my parents!

I was saved by the wolves and Manson….

Or so I thought.





I hope you enjoyed the first chapter to my very first time writing! Please let me know what you think. 

Thanks, Kels! 


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