Every year, something bad will happen to her. Tera is powerless against it. It said so in the ancient scrolls. She doesn't want to believe them; why should she? That all changes when she meets someone she wished she never knew.

Published on 17th November 2014 Copyright. All rights reserved Rose Woods


2. Running in the Rain

I dash along the pavement, my own steps following me as they echo through the night. My heart pounds loudly in my chest. My breath turns white as I lose it into the night sky, I'm panting. No! I can't stop now! I have to keep running. Splash splash splash!!! Yikes!!! I nearly fell. Come on! I can do this! Even the lampposts have gone to sleep. Rain pours down hard, dripping off my iced brown hair. Just a little further... It's only a matter of time. I have to make it! I hear the owls call for me. Thank goodness that I am getting near. I feel water soaking through my jacket and onto my shoulders. I truly am sorry. More than Cosette is. Seriously though, what was up with her that day? Everyday? I recall how she acted towards me the day before. Writing things on a piece of paper. The one dreaded line I remember. Cosette wrote on her piece of paper "I am a CURSE and a BURDEN". I didn't dare ask her about it. Why should I? That is what I think about myself day and night so perhaps I already knew why? Cosette doesn't feel wanted in this world, like me. I have finally found something the ghost girl and I share in common. Her and I, we don't belong here. Why should we think we do for a second? She's the girl in black and white who stares blankly at everyone who passeand I'm just.. Well.. Me. Some people say that earth is a machine and there are no spare parts, we all have our purposes. That isn't true. For me or Cosette. Do we really have a meaning? A place? A home here on earth?

"ARRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!" I scream. I trip up and fall on the muddy ground. I cant see that well because of the darkness but my hand are covered in the icky substance. I wipe them on my now ripped jeans and examine my knee where the new hole is. The blood trickling down it is a relief considering it is warming my frozen body. My leg feels weak and my head feels dazed as I collapse on the floor. 


I wake up, cold and lying on the ground. Heck - I fell asleep! I have to get going! When I try and get up, pain shoots through my calf. I really can't stop now! It's started pouring down, the Heavens have opened up I guess. Seriously angels, stop with the tears! I'm freezing to death here! Ok ok ok! I get it! As it in response to my thoughts, it started pouring down harder and faster.

Yes! Finally!

I break into the clearing to find a sign saying 'Woodcreak Forest: No trespassing allowed!'. I stumble through the dark woods, watching out for the tree roots covered up by the fallen leaves. I see smoke and walk towards it.


"You're late." My grandmother greets me. A stern expression on her face as she keeps still in her rocking chair. "And look at the state you're in! Oh dear child, what happened?"

"There was a slight disturbance." I say. I fall to my knees and Grandmother rushes beside me. 


I am held tight in her warm arms when I collapse and loose consciousness.




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