The Haylewood Estate

When Elizabeth Haylewood's father dies her mother becomes sad and depressed. When she is no longer able to care for Elizabeth, or Ella, she is sent to live with her grandmother in the country. Ella regretfully heads to the Haylewood estate where her grandmother lives. On the grounds of the estate Ella befriends a young, handsome man that tends the yard. She finds comfort and ease with his friendship. Will she realize how Aaron feels for her or will his shyness lead her to believe differently?


1. leaving

About a year ago my father passed away. Nobody took this harder than my mother. Up until the time he got sick my parents had had a fairy tale love story. They met and fell in love in summer. Her parents loved him and he was so good to her. Then they had a beautiful daughter who was smart and well behaved. Money was never a problem since both of them came from well off families and my father held a good job. They lived in a small, but pretty house and were so in love. Every day when my father came home he would kiss my mother's forehead and she would look at him with the only thing I can describe as love in her eyes. One time, when I was younger I had a bad dream and went searching for my parents. I tiptoed down our dark hallway to the glowing light of the front room. I peeked around the corner and saw my father spinning my mother slowly around the room to her favorite song playing in the background. She looked at him as if she thought he was the only important thing in the world at the moment. And he looked at her as if he knew that she was the only important thing in the world. I watched for a few minutes, then went back to bed. Whenever I was sad I would picture my parents dancing in our house, so in love, and everything was okay again. Ever since then I have yearned to have somebody, someday, look at me the way my father looked at my mother, and love me more than anything else in this whole entire world. 

But I guess things can only be perfect for so long. Right after I turned 14, we found out that my father was sick. He had a bad case of pneumonia that was taking over his lungs. There was nothing they could do for him. My father fought hard and lived as long as possible, but it eventually became too much. My mother was heartbroken, and began to pull away. I tried to help my mother feel comfort, but she eventually wouldn't even get out of bed until late in the afternoon and she stayed up late, sitting in his favorite chair crying every night. Our maid started to take most of the responsibility and to care for me. My grandmother just came to visit and when she saw the state that my mother is currently in, she insisted that my mother is no longer fit to care for me and that I must go and live with her at her estate in the country. I resisted to the best of my abilities, but a 15 year old girl has no power over her wise grandmother. So that puts me where I am right now, saying good bye to my grieving mother and following my maid into the carriage my grandmother sent for me.  

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