I'm a Fangirl

What will happen when Luke will wake up as his fangirl and she will wake up as him?


2. something's wrong here

Luke oppened his eyes and looked in his own eyes. Who put his poster on the ceiling above his bed. The boys played a prank on him? Luke sighed and turned on the site. Something was so strange here. The bed was smelling like dog’s fur and creaking loud. Luke opened one eye and in a curved perspective he saw their poster. Not one, but meany, they covered the whole wall.  He also noticed a pink dresser filled with toys and beads. He studied it for a while. 

„What’s up” Luke got up. 

Something broke under his elbow. He turned around and found their broken in half CD under the pillow. 

„It’s not even funny” he shouted, but his voice didn’t sound like his voice. 

He has never seen this room before. He put his hand into his hair and got stuck in its lenght. He looked at his hands, they were skinny and had long, pink nails. He looked down on his body and felt the panic rising. Boobs? he couldn’t have boobs. He jumped out of the bed, traped over some things that had been lying all over the carpet, and run out of the room to a hall. He opened the first door he had noticed.  He saw a boyish mess and model planes.  

"Get out Doris” yelled a boy. 

A pillow flew towards Luke. Luke tried to open  the next door and found the bathroom. He watered his face and felt fresher but not any less werid.  He looked up into the mirror and screamed loud.  



„Get up” Doris heard a male voice. 

A strange male voice. She opened her eyes, and started to sceram. Calum dressed only in his underwear  was sitting on her sheet. 

The real Calum.

„Shut up Luke” Calum smiled wide.

Doris stopped sceraming. She felt that her dream is too real. 

„I’m dreaming” she said.

„Luke, get up man, we’ll be late for the radio show” Calum jumped out of the bed. 

Luke? Everything was moving in Doris' mind. She raised her hands an looked at them. They were long and skinny, but they wasn’t her hands. She lifted the sheet and sceramed again.

„What happened” asked Calum. 

„This… this…” Doris forgot how to breath.

„You always have a „boner" in the morning dude” Calum smiled loud.

Doris felt that she’s about to faint. She was wearing only green boxershorts, and her body looked like Luke’s body. 

„And, what should I do now” she asked scared.

„Think about something different than girls” Calum went into the bedroom entirely naked.

Dori’s … Luk’s ... reacted. Calum started to look for clothes in his bag. 

„Get dressed” yelled Doris feeling her hormones rising. 

She wasn’t able to stand this amount of desire any more.  

„What’s up with you today” Calum got up and went to the other room. 

He was carring his clothes in his hands. Doris tried to breath stady.   Slowly her body stopped feeling the tension and this was going back to normal. Doris looked around.  The room was elegant like in a five star hotel.


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