I'm a Fangirl

What will happen when Luke will wake up as his fangirl and she will wake up as him?


3. meet my bandmates

Luke stopped sceraming and took a breath. It couldn’t be true. but it was. He was a girl. He studied her face in the mirror. She had dark eyes and long darkbrown hair, she also had braces, and he keept cutting his tongue on them. He looked closer at himself but couldn’t find anything similar to his appearance. 

„Hi” he said and he heard a high girly voice.

„Doris is everything alright” a wonam in her mid forties looked into the bathroom.

„No” wshispered Luke.

„You were sceraming” the wonam was looking at Luke.

„It’s just the water… it was too hot” he said quietly.

„The breackfast is ready, you know you need to hurry up tody if you want to be at the 5sos concert on time” muttered the woman.

„What” Luke leaned on the washbasin  to not to fall on the floor.

„I know it’s the most important day in your life, so hurry up" she closed the door.

„The concert” whispered Luke.

The concert won’t happen without him. However if… this girl, Dori, has… his body.  


Doris assessed the situation. She woke up i Luke’s body, in her favourit superstar’s body. She had a unlimited acces to his bandmates and to the 1D boys. What a occasion. She couldn’t waist it, escpecially becase she had no clue how long she will stay in Luke’s body. She got up and took Luk’s phone. His real phone. She squeaked. She turned it on, but a password appeared. She needed to ask Calum about the password. Calum came out of the shower and finished dressing up.

„I forgot my password” Doris looked at Calum and made a sweet face.

„5775” muttered Calum.

Doris typed it in and started to explore Luke’s phone. She will find out everything about him. Her friends will never belive her.   


Luke had been sitting on the bath for 5 minutes and trembling. If Doris was him, he will never go back to the band, on stage, or to his family. No one will belive him, he won’t get past the band’s bodyguards. He have to do something. Let someone know that he’s here in a fan’s body. Maybe he will be able to do something on the concert. He got up and went to the room. In her wardrobe he found some comfortable and kind of boyish looking clothes. He took them to the bahtroom. He too  her pijama off and looked in the mirror. 

„Mmmm” he muttered looking at her breasts.

At least this part could be funny- he thought taking of the panties.  


Doris wnet through all the photos in Luke’s phone when Calum hit her in the back.

„Get dressed, we have an hour” he said.

Doris sighed. She got up and took black jeans, a black tshirt, and a black sweater, that made Luke look so sexy, out of his suitcase. She went to the bathroom, were she spent the next minutes admiring every inch of his body in the mirror. 

„Hurry up” Calum knocked at the door.

Half an hour later Doris followed Calum to the hotel hall.

„Hi birds, did you have nice dreams” Mickey went out of his room at the same time as them.

„Mickey” Doris screamed and jumped on him cuddling him.

„I didn’t know I’m so charming in the morning” muttered Mickey.

Doris was hugging him tightly but finally she let go of him. She was so happy and excited.

„How was the walk” muttered Mickey when Ashton appeared in the hall.

„The press gave me another fake girlfriend…”

„Ashton!!!” Doris nearly knocked him out, she forgot that Luke is so big.

„Ralax, man, I get it everyday from the fans, I don’t need it from you” Ashton somehow managed to free himself from Doris’s hug. 

„Who is it this tima” muttered Mikey.

„But you love me, right” Doris hugged Calum. 

„Yes, very much' Culum hugged her too. 

„This bromance thing is tending into directions I don’t want to explore” Ashton took his sunglasses on and went down the hall.

„He woke up with his left leg” said Mickey, who was playing on his phone. 

„Let’s go cuddle bear” Calum moved and pulled Doris with him. 

Doris wasn’t pleased to let go of him.  She could touch all of them as much as she waned to. She could touch Luke the most but somehow she felt his body like her own so it wasn’t realy pleasen. She moved downstairs with the boys. She was sure it will only get more exciting.       

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