Who Will It Be?

I'm Avery from Sydney Australia and I am 19 about to turn 20. These four boys move in the house next door to me and I feel as if I like them all but who will it be?


1. Introduction

Avery's POV

Hi I'm Avery and I am 19 turning 20 in a few weeks. I am from Sydney, Australia. These four boys move in the house next door to me. Enough of introducing myself, let's get to the point. One of the four boys comes over to my front door and knocks. I walk to the door to meet him. I open it and this boy, around my age, with dark blonde curly hair and brown eyes. I can admit that he was actually really cute. I couldn't stop thinking about him for thirty minutes until I heard a knock at the door. I went open the door expecting Ashton but there were three others with him. The other three were just talking away about something random. I told Ashton "Are those the friends that you were talking about?" "Yea. Guys! Shut up! This is Avery and I would like to introduce you to her." The one with his blonde hair in a quiff asked, "What?" "Hey don't be rude. Introduce yourselves to Avery." "The one with blonde hair said, "Hi I'm Luke." "I'm Calum" the one with tan skin said. The one with lilac hair said, "I'm Michael." "Well then. I'm Avery. Why don't we go on that tour of the city I promised Ashton?" "Yea.!" They said in unison which was weird. After I gave them a tour of the city, Luke Calum and Michael went to their house while Ashton just stayed with me for a bit. "So. I was just thinking if you'd like to come over to our house soon...?" "I'd love to Ashton. Let me just grab my purse and I'll be right over." He nodded and went home. I grabbed my purse and went to their house.

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