Before dauntless

What if tris and Tobias were together before they transferred. What if they both planned on going to dauntless in the first place. This is the story of them before and after initiation.


2. The next night (four pov)


I sat waiting for her until I heard a creak. I turned and saw her. Oh, her eyes like the sky. She was so beautiful.

"Hi tobias" she said waving nervously.

"Why are you so nervous?" I ask even though I was a little nervous myself.

"Well I'm sneaking out in the middle of the night for one. For two it's to meet a boy!" She said.

"Not just any boy your boyfriend"

"Still I have my rights"

"Fine" why does she have to be so cute when she yells." You wanna start training now?"

"Yes" she says and starts punching a bag.

We train for about an hour until...

"Tris Can I show you something?"

"Sure what is it, you can show me any thing." I take her hand and run to the train tracks. " why are we here?"

"We're gonna jump"

"Onto a train? Are you crazy!"

"Maybe a little." The train tracks rumble and that's when I see it. "On the count of three, 1,2,3 JUMP!" We jump on hand in hand.

"That was so fun!" She says with a certain glint in her eye.


We return home and I give her a kiss goodnight. I walk into my house with the biggest smile ever. I go to my bed and dream of tris.


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