Before dauntless

What if tris and Tobias were together before they transferred. What if they both planned on going to dauntless in the first place. This is the story of them before and after initiation.


1. The meeting (tris pov)

I was walking on a shortcut home from school. I had been walking for about ten minutes when I heard someone crying. I followed the sound of the crying till I saw a boy. I think his name is Tobias.

" What's wrong?" I asked him.

" Nothing, just go away!" He said while wiping his nose.

" It's obviously something, other wise you wouldn't be crying so can you tell me why."

" You really want to know?" I nod " Okay then, well my dad hits me and my mom isn't here anymore to defend me. My dad takes his anger out on me."

" Oh, well uhh... If you want I can hang out with you"

" ok"

" what is your name? Mine is Beatrice but you can call me tris for short."

" Mine is Tobias and I was kind of wondering if you'd want to meet me somewhere later tonight"

" sure where is it?"

" the warehouse, meet me there at midnight"

" okay bye" I said and turned to start on my way back home. 


I'm on my way to the warehouse.  I see him when I enter. He is punching a punching bag and has a bruise on his face. I decide to clear my throat to get his attention. He turns around once I do and I start to see a smile form on his face.

" Hi, I'm just practicing." He says.

" For what?"

" I'm going to choose dauntless when I older"

" oh, okay."

 He goes back to punching the bag. Eventually I decide to start so I start to punch the bag that is next to him. It doesn't move much when I hit it but, I guess it doesn't really matter. When it's two we decide we should stop and walk home. He does something really un expected on our walk home. He grabs my hand. I look down and smile at our hands.

" Hey I have a question, will you maybe want to be my girlfriend?" He asks me like it's the most normal thing in the world.

" Uhh... Sure."

" Ok then, um bye." He kisses my cheek and walks away. 

I walk into my house and go to my bedroom. That night I dream of Tobias.





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