My brothers best friend (a luke hemmings fanfiction)

Ashton Irwin is Y/N's older brother! She goes on 5SOS 2015 tour, what happens when Luke falls for Y/N and Y/N falls for Luke? Will Ashton let them be together? Find out here!


9. chapter 8


Great, absolutely great!!! Ashton's girlfriend Ella is here& I don't like her at all! I know for a matter of fact she can't stand me at all!

She walks straight towards me, with her fake voice saying;

Hi Y/N my little sweetie she snapped

(It really got on my nerves when Ella did this & Ashton never noticed😭)

I replied with, Hello Ella ,nice to see you for about the tenth time this week, I snarled back.

Don't be a cocky little bitch with me Y/N, Ella said

Just go away Ella I really just want to be on my own with my Brother, Boyfriend and best friends!

I said

Wit whoo! Who's your boyfriend? Ella said trying to act jealous

It's Luke actually! I shouted back

He doesn't even deserve you Y/N ! Your a worthless little bitch! I don't even know why he wants you! In surprised Ashton even wants to call you his sister! I mean look at the state of you "you scruff" she Yelled at the top of her voice

You what! Ella what did you just call me! I shouted

I said you were a scruff Y/N , Ella said

Don't you even dare call me that! I said

Wait until Ashton hears what you called me! Ella said. And I'll beat you up tomorrow!

Ashton then walked into the room with the boys, he said, why the hell is there shouting going on! He asked

Because.. I said

But Ella butted in and said, because she called me a ugly worthless little clingy bitch!

You called my girlfriend that! Ashton said

No! I would never even try and say that! I said

I don't believe you! Ashton said

He said, just go away Y/N your not welcome here whilst my girlfriend is upset from what you called her!

She isn't even upset Ashton! Can't you see on her, pathetic little face that she is not innocent! I said

Ella pulled a smirk upon her face and, I broke into tears and ran out of the door!

Luke ran after me, he said, BABY! Are you okay?

Luke! I screamed

Baby, I love you! Luke said

I was there the whole time listening & she is a lying

And she said she was going to beat me up tomorrow! I cried


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