My brothers best friend (a luke hemmings fanfiction)

Ashton Irwin is Y/N's older brother! She goes on 5SOS 2015 tour, what happens when Luke falls for Y/N and Y/N falls for Luke? Will Ashton let them be together? Find out here!


18. chapter 13

The boys POV:

So tonight as it's the last concert of our 2015 tour we'd like to, end it with something very special, here we go.

I would like Y/N to come onto the stage. Luke said

Okay.. Stay calm Y/N. Y/N Said to herself

Eventually Y/N got onto the stage

So Y/N I'd like to announce something very special tonight, Luke said

The fans went crazy

Luke got Onto his one knee, and y/n immediately flung her hands to her mouth

So Y/N,

we have been around since 2011,I have seen so many beautiful girls over the years but none as beautiful as you y/n ,you are my shining star, you give me strength when I'm not feeling to good, you cheer me up so quickly, your so beautiful, we are on a roller coaster ride Y/N in life and I'd like to spend it with you, one day I want to tell our children "Our story", and I love you with all my soul, so here's the question you've all been waiting for, Will You Marry Me Y/N? Luke said

Of course I'll marry you Luke! Y/N said

Everyone cheered, in celebration of the engagement!

I love you Luke, Y/N said

I love you too baby, Luke said

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