My brothers best friend (a luke hemmings fanfiction)

Ashton Irwin is Y/N's older brother! She goes on 5SOS 2015 tour, what happens when Luke falls for Y/N and Y/N falls for Luke? Will Ashton let them be together? Find out here!


13. chapter 10


Do you think we'll be together forever luke? By that I mean have children and get married?

Obviously, your a keeper Y/N! Luke said

Do you know how much I f*****g love you luke?

Too much! But I love you more! Luke said

No You don't!

Oh yes i do! Luke said

Let's see then! I said

Okay, Y/N you'll see! Luke said

He then came over to me and passionately kissed me on the lips

That's how much I love you' luke said

Your really the one Luke, and I love you more!

Haha, love you Y/N! Luke said

Luke then whispered in my ear, "I really can't wait until we get married and have children"

Me neither, I said back, quite loudly

Me neither what? Michael shouted

Then calum chanted, TELL US TELL US

Okay, we said we can't wait until we're married and have children! I said

They looked at is in awe

Then Ashton came in the room and said, I'm fine with marriage and child thing! I can't wait to be an uncle!

I don't want to be a f*****g auntie to her kids though, Ella said

God sake f**k off Ella, Ashton snarled

I was quite shocked at Ashton for saying that to the slut

Ella, leave now please? Ashton said

In breaking up with you! Ashton said

LEAVE now, Ashton demanded

She just took her belongings and left..


so how was that update! Ella has left for good and she will no longer be in this book/fanfiction

Maybe I will put a surprise engagement into this book!

I'll update you ASAP (maybe tomorrow bc of school and hwk) Ilysm

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