My brothers best friend (a luke hemmings fanfiction)

Ashton Irwin is Y/N's older brother! She goes on 5SOS 2015 tour, what happens when Luke falls for Y/N and Y/N falls for Luke? Will Ashton let them be together? Find out here!


2. chapter 1

Your POV

Y/N! Y/N! For Goodness sake get up! I heard

At first I told whoever it was to go away & get a life!

Then they shouted!

For god sake Y/N get up! You lazy shit! All you do is lie in bed! I then knew who it was, it was Ashton my older brother. He is in the band, 5 Seconds Of Summer.

Y/N we need to get ready for tour! Your coming with us! Ashton explained.

Okay, okay I'm getting up! You said

You've got exactly 1 hour until we've got to go to the airport!! Said Ashton

1 hour later;

The boys turned up to the house, and we took random selfies and did keeks until the bus came to get us, to go to the airport.

The 5SOS fans ship me with Luke, so when Luke uploaded the selfie with me! Loads of notifications came through Luke's twitter, all the fans were saying;

@Luke5SOS, god sake just ask Y/N out! We all love you together!

@Luke5SOS, you and Y/N would make a perfect couple!

When Luke had seen these messages from fans, he immediately blushed.

To be pretty honest I had a crush on Luke Hemmings and I couldn't admit it!

Then Luke asked me a question,

I wonder what we'd be like as a couple Y/N?

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