1. what should i do?!

How did I get to this point in my life?

Love really does cut like a knife,

Torn between two lovers; both dear to my heart.

Now I must choose, one gets my heart and the other departs.


Why is this so hard to do?

How to choose, between the two of you?

Do I give a chance to my new love?

Do I give another chance to my first love?


My first love there’s, security and familiarity,

my new love is a good guy, fun and exciting.


My first love,

our love was strong and true,

there was nothing we wouldn’t do,

as time passed, resentment grew between us,

putting fault, blame and mistrust between us.

You left me because you needed the space

and time to think, to decide if this is just a waste.

You gave me no choice, I wanted to try,

and I still wanted to keep you and our love alive.

You said, “I just need time to think and get away,

if you want a chance to get me back some way;

then you have to relax and give up the chase,

just leave me alone and let me have a little space.”

So, I gave you, your wish, I left you alone,

Every now and then I tried to call you,

But always the same, “Just leave me alone”


My new love,

You stayed by my side through all of my pain,

You said, “It’s alright you’ll love again”

I tried not to hurt but you wanted the truth,

So, I told you I still love him, and that our love was true.

but then I said, “It’s okay, let’s just enjoy it while we can.

Right now, I’m with you and I don’t want any other man.”

I couldn’t believe that you still wanted me,

I told myself you can’t do this to me, make me leave.

But the truth was I needed you there with me,

and as time went on I started to see,

Just how dear you’d become to me.

I told you I loved you quite by mistake,

But I knew I fell for you and it was too late,

I couldn’t deny what I felt inside.


Until one day my first love finally called me, he said,

“I want to give us one more try.”

My heart was confused and I felt so overwhelmed,

I wanted to cry.

Why is this so hard, now I don’t know what to do?

How to choose, between the two of you?

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