The Final Problem

Sherlock had been expecting some sort of murder, especially after he had met criminal mastermind James moriarty. But nothing arose. Not even he could have foreseen what trouble awaited him.....


2. Mrs Hudson

"Sherlock! Look at the mess that you've made" Mrs Hudson exclaimed as she entered the chemical infested kitchen to find Sherlock, mixing chemicals and looking through microscopes.

"Well what would you do if the world stood still Mrs Hudson? "Sherlock asked sarcastically

"I would do something to pass away the time, like sitting down with a cup of tea knitting all day!" She said with excitement stunning her body.

"How do you old people cope? Their is no sense of adventure with you lot! "Sherlock said gently ,finding it all hard to understand.

 There was a long silence after that. Mrs Hudson continued her daily routine, while Sherlock wondered if Moriarty was near plotting the crime of the century, how he longed  for it. He didn't know that this was just the beginning.


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