2. Chapter 1

I woke up, feeling as if I had been sleeping a long time. My head was pounding. It felt as is it was in the verge of splitting. The room was white, or was it tan? I can’t remember it well. I heard voices, cheering with excitement. I recognized a few words, success, experiment, failure. I couldn’t quite comprehend what was taking place. I was awake, but I wasn’t. I was confused, lost. I couldn’t remember what was going on, what had happened before then. Suddenly, I was completely conscious. However, there was something wrong. I was aware of my surroundings, but they had changed. I wasn’t in the room in which I had awakened. I must have moved while I was in that state of half-consciousness.

I couldn’t quite move yet, my body wasn’t responding as well as it should have. The walls and ceiling of this rooms were a dull pink, they looking as if someone had taken pink hand soap and smeared it evenly over white walls. They were the color of pink clouds. I realized, that there was nothing. I couldn’t remember anything before waking up, but something told me I should. I sat up, weakly. I needed something, but what was it that I needed? My hand shook, when I brought them up to look at them. Missing, there was something missing from my hands. I stood, and glanced back at the cot that I had previously occupied and turned back to gaze around the room.

Four walls, one ceiling, one floor, all the same slight pink color. The door was the thing besides the cot that was a different color. It was a very light gray. It started to irk me, the very dull colors that were before my eyes. It came to my realization that I liked pure, vibrant colors, not the extreme dullness that greeted me.

The door opened, revealing a person. I was wary, cautioned about this stranger. I may have been fully awake, but reason still failed me. I recognized the being in front on me as a woman, wearing clothes just as toned down as the colors that assaulted my nerves. She began to speak, but I didn’t understand. Meaningless sounds fell from her lips. I was confused, and growing more and more agitated.

The woman seemed to see my trouble, moved forward to take my arm in her hand, and pull me along with her out of the door. Slowly, I began to hear her words as we passed through a hall, full of doors nearly identical to mine. There was some sort of symbol on them and I thought, ‘What are those called again? Oh, numbers, I think they are called numbers.’ My mind was jumbled, full of white noise.

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