Lost love.

Madison and Harry had been together for 2 months, when Madison got some news that would change her and Harry's lifes. She tells Harry and he gets so mad and sad, they get into a fight and Harry ends up leaving Madison. They both miss each other and want each other back, but Madison is actually a little bit afraid of Harry, because of his reaction and doesn't know if she wants to talk to him.


5. The plan.

*Still Harry’s view*

I wake up super early and wake up all the boys so we can start my plan. This just has to work so I can get my girlfriend back. And get to be with my daughter.

I have never freaking seen my daughter and she is already 1 year old. And that needs to be changed.

We eat breakfast or that means, the boys eat breakfast, but I’m way to excited to eat right now. I just get a bottle of water and get my phone.

“What should I tweet?” I ask and look at Niall, who has food everywhere “Msee, nyou cnould nrite nomethinge..” I stop him and say “Niall, stop I don’t understand what you are saying” He swallow the food in his mouth and says “I wanted to say that you could ask them to help you with something”

That’s a great idea. I go into twitter and start the tweet “Hi guys! Want to help me? There’s this girl I want to get to notice me. Please tweet her nice stuff from me! J Love ya!”

I show it to the boys and ask if they think it’s okay. Zayn says “If that isn’t going to make her trust you, then nothing can!”

I tweet it and seconds after people are fucking her twitter page with nice stuff. I really hope she is going to see it.


*Madison’s view*

My phone is bipping and I take it up. ”Tara1d is tweeting about you, 1dlover is tweeting about you, Mayalovesyou is tweeting about you..” What’s going on here?

Why are they tweeting about me? I unlock my phone and go to twitter “Madison! Harry misses you. Please speak to him!” ”Harry thinks you are amazing. Go get him girl!” Jesus what is this about? My phone keeps bipping and telling me that people are tweeting about me. Why are they doing it? I’ll try to read some more. I’m also getting a lot of followers. ”Harry is the nicest person in the world! And he needs you!” Has Harry made them write this? I go to his twitter. His latest tweet is “Hi guys! Want to help me? There’s this girl I want to get to notice me. Please tweet her nice stuff from me! J Love ya!” Whaat is he doing. Omg he is so cute! I’m literally crying right now. That’s the sweetest ever. He has to be serious; I think I believe him now. Should I tweet him? I think I’ll write a text for Liam instead “What going on at twitter? Is this Harry’s idea?”

A few minutes after I get a text from him, the twitter notifications continues as I go to the text from Liam “You see how nice he is? He really misses you, are you ready to meet him?”

Am I ready? I don’t actually know. I’ll go for a walk with Darcy so we can get some fresh air and I can think about it.

Darcy is sitting in her baby carriage and I’m talking to her. It’s actually quite amazing to have a baby, you can talk to yourself and nobody looks weirdly at you, because they think you are talking to the baby.

“Are we ready to see daddy?” I ask and look at her. She smiles and says “Daddy.”

She doesn’t even know what a dad is and that’s terrible.

I actually think I’m ready to talk to him again. I’ll be doing it for her.


“You know what? I actually think I’m ready J” I write and send it to Liam.

Not many minutes after I receive a text from him saying;”I’ll go and tell Harry. He’s going to be so excited!”

I don’t know why but I get pretty nervous now. I think it’s going to be nice to see him again, but also a little weird after so long time.

What are the fans going to think about the fact that Harry is a dad and haven’t told them about it? I hope they are going to take it nicely. My life is going to change. I’ll possibly be known on the streets and stuff like that. Omg.


I actually like this story quite a lot and I really hope you like it as much as I do. ;) I think you should tell me what you think about it :)

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