Lost love.

Madison and Harry had been together for 2 months, when Madison got some news that would change her and Harry's lifes. She tells Harry and he gets so mad and sad, they get into a fight and Harry ends up leaving Madison. They both miss each other and want each other back, but Madison is actually a little bit afraid of Harry, because of his reaction and doesn't know if she wants to talk to him.


4. The park. :)

I’m home from the park, but I only reach to get inside and about to get Darcy’s jacket off, when somebody knock on the door. Who could that be? I think, while I walk to the door to open it.

Outside is a guy, I believe I’ve seen him before, but I don’t know when or where.

He smiles to me and says “Hello. I know this seems kind of like stalking, but we followed you home. I’m with Harry and..” I cut him off by saying “I’m so sorry for what happened in the park, I just got really afraid..”

He says ”Yeah, but honestly, Harry is the kindest person in the world and he would never hurt anyone on purpose. He is so sorry for what happened and he really misses you and wants you back and be with your child.”

“I also want him back, but I’m still scarred from what happened when I told him. I hope you understand?” I say and look down.

He gently pushes my head up with his finger on my chin, looks straight into my eyes and says “I understand.. Do you want to speak to him?”

I think for a bit, then I shake my head and say ”I don’t think i’m ready yet..”

“That’s totally okay, and I think Harry is okay with it as well. He just really wants to see his baby and his beautiful girlfriend again..”

I nod and he continues “Maybe I can get your number so we can talk about it?”

“Of course you can” I say and we get each other’s numbers.  

”I talk to you later!” he yells and walks to the car.


Harry is sitting in that car and I rejected him again.. I think and breathe out heavily.

He really seems like he has changed, I believe he is an amazing person, and definitely the perfect dad for my baby.

Of course he has changed, or he would come here and ask if I want to see him again.

Maybe it wasn’t him spoke to, but I’m sure he told Liam what he should say.


*Harry’s view*

“Would she not speak to me?” I ask and look down.

“She would, she just couldn’t right now” Liam say and place a comforting hand on my shoulder “It’s been a year! When will she be ready?!” I ask madly and look at the guys. ”Why was my reaction so violent that time she told me she was pregnant? I should’ve been the supporting boyfriend and be happy on our ways, but I only thought about my carrier and ruined it all.. I’m a fucking idiot..!”

I think out loud, sigh and continue “Now I can’t get to see the most beautiful girl in the world or my daughter...”

I suddenly get an idea “We have to make the fans help me get her attention!”

”Why?” Niall asks and give me a confused look.

”Yeah, because we can make them tell her that i miss her and is a better person!”

“That’s not a bad idea, actually” Louis says and I walk out the car and say “Let’s start tomorrow!” 


There you go my beautiful unicorns! Would you be really awesome and tell me what you think is going to happen in next chapter? :) 

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