Lost love.

Madison and Harry had been together for 2 months, when Madison got some news that would change her and Harry's lifes. She tells Harry and he gets so mad and sad, they get into a fight and Harry ends up leaving Madison. They both miss each other and want each other back, but Madison is actually a little bit afraid of Harry, because of his reaction and doesn't know if she wants to talk to him.


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We have been together for almost 2 months and that has to be celebrated! We are going to a bar and party with some of our friends. We started at his house and now we are on our way to the bar and ready to get drunk. Some boys start flirting with me and he doesn’t really like that, so he takes me outside and asks if I want to go to my house instead. I agree on it and we take a Taxi.

We are both a little drunk and don’t really know what exactly we are doing.

I unlock my door and we walk inside, before we get inside he starts kissing me and we walk backwards and then my back hit the wall and we continues kissing.

He stopped, but only to pick me up and then he walks towards my room.

We were too turned on and drunk to even think about using a condom, so we just started. We played for almost the whole night, until I got too tired and we fell asleep.

When I woke up he was gone and he didn’t answer my texts or my calls.

A month later I started to feel a bit bad and have stomach pains, I didn’t get my period and I thought that it couldn’t be what I was scared it was. I went to the mall and bought a pregnancy test and hurried home to use it and make sure that I wasn’t pregnant. I did what I had to and went out to do some laundry, because I have to wait 10 minutes for it to work.

I put my clothes to wash and went to the bathroom to check the test. My stomach felt a bit weird, because I’m really scared that I’m pregnant.

2 lines. What does 2 lines mean? I found the box and read on it. 1 line- not pregnant. Then 2 lines must mean that I’m pregnant. Oh. My. God. This can’t be freaking true?!

I threw the box and screamed. I have to tell him. I have to.

This was definitely not what was going to happen! We were going to have a good night. I didn’t mean to get pregnant! I’m not ready for a baby..

I sat on the bed and thought about what I was going to do.

I have to tell him and I have to tell him right now. I decide to send a picture with the text “Hey.. You know what this means? I’m pregnant..”

I didn’t want to think about it anymore and went to watch some tv.

Ofcourse there is Teen moms.. Not what I need right now. I don’t want to think about babies right now..

I turn the tv off and take a quick bath and then I can make some dinner.

The idea with the bath wasn’t the best idea. I don’t know about you, but I always stand there and think about anything when I’m in bath and then I start thinking what’s going to happen when I’m going to be a mom. There’s definitely no way that I can get an abortion. My mom is against abortions and stuff like that.

That’s the reason I have 4 siblings. I don’t think they knew about condoms.

That means no abortion for me.

I’m done bathing and have used a lot of time on drying myself; I have to enjoy the time and freedom I have to do that. It’s not easy to dry your own feet, put on your shoes or take something that you’ve lost, when you are fat, because there is a little human in there.

He hasn’t answered the text yet, so I just start cooking dinner for myself. I’m about to peel potatoes and suddenly there’s a car in my driveway, and because it’s autumn and dark I can’t see who it is. Somebody is coming out the car and walking towards the door. I’m quite scared, but I just act like I haven’t seen the person. He doesn’t knock on the door, but he just walks right in. The door to the kitchen gets opened and he walks in. I’m about to say something, but then I see that he’s face looks mad and cold, so I just shut up and look at him.

He walks towards me and there’s quiet for a while before he says “What the fuck do you mean that you are pregnant?!”

“It must have happened when we were on the bar” is the only thing I can say.

“Why didn’t you say anything?!” He asks.

“I fucking just did!” Our voices are loud and mad.

”Did you first figure now?”

“Yeah or I probably told you, don’t you think?” I ask.

“I fucking don’t know! I never do with you!”

“I wasn’t me that forgot to use a condom!”

Jesus he is stupid right now! He is really mad and me too.

He is looking madly at me and says “Me! How the fuck should I know you could get pregnant?”

“It has nothing to do with that! You should always wear a fucking condom!”

“If you know so much better than me, you could have told I should wear it!” He yells and I yell back “I didn’t know you were so stupid I had to tell you!”

He’s done. “Okay, that’s enough! Good luck with the baby. I’m definitely not going to be a dad to such a bitch’s kid!”

“That’s not fucking okay! Leave! You are never going to see my child!”

We are standing and staring at each other before he leaves.

The door smacks and a bit after I see his car rolling out the road and disappear.




That was pretty much how it all started. It’s a long time since now, but we still haven’t talked and if he is still such a bitch I don’t even wish to ever talk to him again.

I do still have his number and it’s saved as “Harry..” on my phone. Sometimes I really feel like deleting it, but I talk myself out of it again, but honestly I don’t know why.

I’m going to give labor soon and I’m so excited to see my amazing little daughter.

Even though I’m not with Harry anymore, I have a picture of him on my bed stand and it has to stay there. Even if he was a bitch and maybe still is, he is the father for my baby and he will always be no matter what.

I have been looking a bit on the internet and after what I can read on there, which is pretty much everything. I mean One Direction are world famous so..

The internet says that Harry has been single since we broke up and I’m kinda happy for that, it could mean that he still loves me and miss me, but it could also be because he date so much and never has 1 girlfriend at a time.

I miss him sooo much! Not how he was in the end, but just him..


First chapter of my English Movella, Lost Love! I really hope you like it, please be some awesome unicorns and tell me what you think about it? :) 

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