Lost love.

Madison and Harry had been together for 2 months, when Madison got some news that would change her and Harry's lifes. She tells Harry and he gets so mad and sad, they get into a fight and Harry ends up leaving Madison. They both miss each other and want each other back, but Madison is actually a little bit afraid of Harry, because of his reaction and doesn't know if she wants to talk to him.


3. Harry..?

Just like everybody else, who is having a baby, I’m also on maternity leave.

It is really awesome to be at home and have a lot of time with my baby.

I actually don’t know what to call her yet. I remember that Harry said he really wanted his first daughter to be called Darcy and I actually think it’s a really good idea. I’ll be thinking about it, not sure yet.

The weather is really good today, so I thought I wanted to take her for a walk to the park. We can go down there to play for a little, before dinner.

I pick her up and ask her “Do you want to go for a walk?”

She can’t talk yet, so she just smiles. I don’t think she knows what I said, but she just smiles, because I talk to her.

I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of Harry, I’m just kind of scared that I’m going to meet him, because I wouldn’t know what to say or do if I should meet him.

I’m just a bit confused about his behavior that day I told him I was pregnant. It was really violent and I have never seen him that way before and it scared me a little bit.

Of course he was mad and things like that, but he has never been like that before.

It actually makes me a little scared to think about. Some people are kind of crazy and maybe he is too?

I just don’t understand why he freaked out so bad, because it was his fault as much as mine.

It was quite lucky that I got pregnant the first time I have sex without a condom, that’s pretty sick done to be honest.

Even though I didn’t mean it to happen, I’m really happy it did, because she is gorgeous. She doesn’t have a dad at the moment, but I’m sure everything is going to go fine anyway.


There are a lot of people in the park, people with dogs and kids and then the thing I hate the most, happy couples. I absolutely hate to see couples that seem happy and are kissing and stuff, it really kills me inside.

I wouldn’t say that I’m afraid of men, but I definitely don’t like them. I get kind of scared when a guy comes too close to me. I’m not really sure if that has to do with Harry, but..

I put ‘Darcy’ in a sving and push her lighty, so she starts laughing. I give her one little push and then I sit down on a bench right in front of her.

I sit and think for a little bit, about that with Harry and her and everything. I can’t really figure if the only reason I want Harry back is because I want Darcy to have a dad. I really loved him a lot, but that last episode we had together, made me doubt what kind of person he really is.


We have had some fun and been playing for a bit, and now it’s time to go home and get some dinner.

I go to Darcy and pick her up. I put her in the babycarriage and start to walk towards the road.

There is three boys sitting a few meters away from me, one of them has curls and he reminds me of Harry, I get a really bad feeling in my stomach, but I stand and look at them for a bit, just to be sure it isn’t him.

He turns his head and looks straight at me. I get this terrible feeling in my whole body and I freeze completely.

It is Harry and he has seen me.

I start to breath really fast and I can’t move my feet, they are like clued to the ground. I feels like somebody is holding me really tight and I just can’t move even if I tried.

Him and his friends stand up and walk slowly towards me. I get really scared and start to walk away from them. I can’t make myself look back to see if they stopped or not. I take a quick look and they are close to me now, so I start walking faster, but one of them says my name. It doesn’t sound like Harry, but it could be him. I ignore the call and continue.

I don’t know why I’m so scared; I really just don’t want to talk to him.

I feel and hand on my shoulder and I almost scream, I turn around and look straight into Harry’s amazing green eyes.

I stare terrified at him and can’t say a word.

“Don’t be scared” He says and looks really nice.

I turn around and say “Don’t get close to me. Please just leave..” I look into the ground and start to walk away from them.

I’ve gotten away from them and I look behind me and I see Harry standing, with tears in his eyes and the others is comforting I’m.

“I feel bad for him Darcy..” I say and look at her. I really want to run back to him and hug him, but I don’t feel like I can do it..

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