Lost love.

Madison and Harry had been together for 2 months, when Madison got some news that would change her and Harry's lifes. She tells Harry and he gets so mad and sad, they get into a fight and Harry ends up leaving Madison. They both miss each other and want each other back, but Madison is actually a little bit afraid of Harry, because of his reaction and doesn't know if she wants to talk to him.


7. Concert!

Today I got invited for a concert and I’m on my way there now. I’ll be going out with Harry afterwards and then we’ll be going home so he can see Darcy again.

We are planning on moving in together, so he can see Darcy more often.

It’s just a bit tough, because of the fact that he’s in a band, but we are working on it.

I really can’t explain how happy I am that we are back together and that Darcy has a dad. He’s just as amazing as he was when we were together. He’s going to be the best dad ever and I’m sure Darcy is going to love him, just as much as I do. I’m bringing Darcy to the concert and I really hope she’ll see that it is her dad on the stage. Because of Harry I’ll be standing on the front row and I’m so excited.

The closer I come to the concert place, the longer is the queues and the slower is the traffic. I bet that most of these cars are going to the concert and I just feel bad for those people who are trapped in this fangirl traffic.

I finally get to the place and I’m now in another queue. Screaming and excited girls everywhere. I stand with Darcy and she’s not quite sure what’s happening.

 Suddenly a security guard comes to me. “Hey are you Madison and Darcy?”

I nod and he asks me to follow her. Everybody is confused because I just walk past everyone and some gets a little mad.

I get to my place and I’m ready for the concert. I have earplugs for Darcy if she’ll need them.

About 2 hours later it’s finally time and they are ready to go on stage. Everybody gives me space, because I’m having a baby. It’s really nice of them. The music starts and they run on stage, making all the girls scream like crazy.

I just get really happy when I see Harry. Darcy sees him and says “Dad..”

“Yeah, Darcy that’s dad up there” I say and try to get Harry to see us.

He first gets his eyes on us after their first song. His face lights up and he waves. Darcy waves back and smiles and that just makes him smile even more.

After the next song It’s Harry turn to speak and he comes towards us making the girls around me scream and yell for him.

He only has eyes for me and he sits down on the edge of the stage. He looks at me and says “Can I have her?” I nod and walk as close to him as I possibly can for the fences. I reach her towards him and he takes her. He stands up and walks towards the boys. He takes the mic to his mouth and says “You possibly think about why I took her up here, right?” Everybody screams. “I will tell you why. You remember when I told you to tweet this girl, right?” Screaming again.

“It was not just some girl. That girl is my girlfriend and this little cupcake is our baby!” He says and I hear a mix of “Awwww!” And screams.

“We got this baby a few years ago by accident and I leaved her” people scream “Boooo!” he laughs and says “I know and that was exactly why I wanted you to tweet her. I wanted her back and now I have her and this little darling. Her name is Darcy and I think she wants to hear how loud you can scream!” He yells and everybody inclusive me screams like hell. Darcy puts her fingers in her ears and I make sure to take loads of pictures of her first time on stage. Harry asks “Don’t you think we should get Madison up here as well?”

I try to say no and show him that I don’t want to. He nods to me and comes towards me. “Come on Darcy help me get mum up her” he says and puts her down.

Harry reaches out for me and I’m really scared right now. All of those people staring at me. I take his hand and he whispers “Just stay with me, okay?”

I’m nervous as shit and if I could I would run away. He helps me to get to the stage and then he says “This is my beautiful little family! I hope you will give us the respect we need!” 

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