Ramon (me + damon s )

This is a fun fiction of me myself and Damon Salvatore from tvd :) xx hope to enjoy


1. Day Time News

'REBEKAH!!!!' My mum shouted down the stairs . The paper had come , hopefully today I can find a job . Here in mystic falls it's a hard life for the youth of today . I nearly fall down the stairs , brain hurting with each step . I open the guard door and step onto our immaculately mown lawn . I see the paper laying there , only seeing half a face , I think I recognise it , I cross my legs . Just as I thought this a single tear rolled down my cheek . Catching on my bottom lip as it rolled .

I knew the name Salvatore , it was the oldest name in mystic falls , well that I knew anyway . Dropping the paper I pick up my motor bike , helmet on and off I go . I arrived at the Gilbert house 2 minuets later . Elena was a good friend of mine and I think she would know something of it . When I go to knock the door swings open , and there stands Elena blood rolling down her chin 'again' . I go and sit down on her luxurious couch . I ask ' By any chance do you know the Salvatore's ? ' . Her reply wasn't exactly hasty ' errr yeah , meet Damon ' right on cue the most luscious man walks in , I think I might swoon . So many things are running through my head . So hard to control . ' Is he ? ' not being able to finish asking my question . ' A Salvatore ? Yes .' My jaw drops almost forgetting Silas . 'But what about Stefan ?' I try to take my eyes off of Damon . Impossible .

'He has disappeared , even Damon doesn't know where he has gone ' Alena responded . Damon stepped towards me ushering me into a different room . The room was small and quite dimly lit . He was very close to me now I could hear the sound of his almost shallow breathing . 'Nice to meet you' he said , I could feel him edging closer , 'my pleasure' i think he could hear my desperation , he leaned against the wall with his hands above my head . Just when I thought he would say he couldn't he rubbed my cheek with his thumb his fingers holding my jaw and kissed me so passionately I thought I would die if he stopped , occasionally biting my lip . He stoops and starts again but kissing down my cheek then my neck . This feeling is the nicest I have ever felt , unbuttoning my shirt . Can he hear my heart racing I wonder ?

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