Forbidden Mates

Jace Wild, 117-year old vampire prince. He is a bad boy by day and a hard working prince by night. The young prince is yet to find his blood mate but he is starting to expect the worst.

Dakota Jasper, 16-year old daughter of the Alpha King. Just going through her first shift into her new wolf this princess is causing trouble but will take her princess duties seriously. Like Jace she has not found her True Mate.

These two people from two different worlds. Each told story's about the other are matched together destined to change the world must face the challenges that are put against them in order to stay together.


3. the forest


I leap from tree to tree and every time I fell I flow back up. I was nice in the forest, it was quiet and it was my heaven. I was sitting in a tall tree when the wind changed direction and I caught the scent of deer. I followed the scent to a herd where there was a fair amount of grown males to feed on. I was about to fly down when a wolf dashed through the brush and darted towards a buck who was a perfect size for her. I watched as she chased it and eventually caught and kill the animal. she began to eat and that is when I saw that this wasn't just any wolf it was my wolf. I dropped gracefully to the ground not wanting to startle her and walked towards the beast. When I was nearly beside her she sensed me. She looked over and her look grow hard then it softened but hardened once again. she took one last bite before bolting away. My undead heart dropped. This wolf was my mate and I had sent her running. I had some of what remained in blood from the buck but I couldn't enjoy it cause my mind kept wondering back to the wolf. When I finished I followed the scent. when I found her she was sitting in a clearing whimpering. I had this need to comfort her. I was about to go and pet the wolf when a light grew around her and when it stopped left in it's place was none other then the wolf princess herself, hurt and in tears. I walked up to her and put my hand on her bare shoulder she instantly stopped crying. I sat beside her and pulled her into me inhaling her intoxicating scent. I heard her purr. I smiled a little happy. we sat like this for hours before she fell asleep in my arms. As I watched her sleep I thought about what she had said. I was worried and happy I finally found her. she was mine and someday my mark would be on her beautiful neck.


I had been eating my prize went I felt the presence of another. I sniffed the air, death, decay, and dear good marshmallows, my visitor was a vampire. I turned to face him when he was closer, my eyes met with none other then the gold eyes of the Vampire prince. My wolf and I fought for control but in the end I had won. I took one last bite of my prize and darted home. Oh god, the vampire prince is my mate how is that even a possibility? The farther I ran away the more my wolf wanted to howl for her mate but I didn't allow it cause my father would hear, ask questions and then I would have to tell him about Jase and that wouldn't end well. I sat in the middle of the forest whimpering. My heart hurt we needed our mate. I shifted back and began to cry my heart out. I stopped when two cold but calming hands rested on my shoulders. I instantly know it was Jace because he was the only one that could calm my wolf. He sat beside me and pulled me into his arms my wolf purred while my brain protested knowing if we got caught we would be in some serious sh#t. " I'm not sure why this is happening but I have this need to have you close to me. You know why?" Jace said. My voice shaky I answered. "it's a wolf thing you are my true mate and as the male you are possessive and can take not being around me." He stiffened. He realized that we had a problem now. Jace and I sat there in silence for what felt like hours before I fell asleep in his comforting arms, and his wonderful scent.

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