Forbidden Mates

Jace Wild, 117-year old vampire prince. He is a bad boy by day and a hard working prince by night. The young prince is yet to find his blood mate but he is starting to expect the worst.

Dakota Jasper, 16-year old daughter of the Alpha King. Just going through her first shift into her new wolf this princess is causing trouble but will take her princess duties seriously. Like Jace she has not found her True Mate.

These two people from two different worlds. Each told story's about the other are matched together destined to change the world must face the challenges that are put against them in order to stay together.


9. the death of the queen

A/N quick change Dakota met the boys at 10 not 7


Oh how I wish my mom was still alive. If she was alive she would understand and more specifically this wouldn't be happening. My mother was murdered, my Father had believed that vampires did it and threatened with war. This event happened 6 yrs ago 3 months before the boys came. I watched the events of my mothers death but never said anything.


"Come on, baby were almost there." my mother had said. "coming mommy" a 10 year old Dakota following her mother exited to see what her mother had to show her. After another 5 minutes her mother stopped. I looked around to see what she wanted to show me. All I saw was trees. I looked up to my mother and all I saw was fear. My mother turned around, crouched and looked straight into her daughters eyes. "Dakota climb up that tree and what ever you do don't make a sound" I nodded. Doing as I was told I climbed up a near by tree, and sat watching. 5-10 minutes later three men holding guns walked into view. "look a Pretty wolf " a large man with black hair said

"Hey maybe we should have fun with her before we kill her" said a fairly attractive man said. They all nodded. they looked at each other then back at my mother. The black haired man and the attractive one put silver cuffs on my mother and pegged them down. Then a brown hair man who looked to be the leader began to speak. "Take the pretty ladies clothes off then go and search the perimeter. The men stripped my mother leaving her weak and venerable then left. The man stripped, but I was in to much shock to look away. The man kissed my mother as he roughly grips my mothers breasts. Tears rolled down my face along with my mothers. He then positioned himself just above my mother. She whimpered as he roughly places himself inside her. He looked to be enjoying it but my mother did not. Her mother looked up at her beautiful daughter and mouthed "I love you" just before the men came back and shot her. Not thinking I screamed "Mommy" the men saw me as I fell out of the tree. "Look boys another pretty wolf should we do the sam to her but let her live. They nodded. I wasn't fast enough to runaway from the men so they caught me easily. They did the same to me as my mother but because I didn't have breasts he kissed me more and did it to me harder. I felt as though my bones were about to break. I cried out in pain as I was to small for his large shaft. Tears rolled down my face as I felt the horrors of me being raped by the same man who had just raped my mother. I had lost my innocence by force and not by my mate. Then man dressed himself and they left leaving a 10 yr old crying in the forest. After a few hours I gained the courage to dress myself and walked home. At this time when my father had asked what had happened I lied and told him vampires had killed my mother not telling the details of what happened. When her realised I didn't want to talk about it he let me free. I ran start to my bathroom feeling dirty and violated.

-flashback over

So in pure honesty I was to blame for the conflict between the kings but I didn't and still don't want to tell my father what happened because I was afraid and embarrassed. On the out side I am a tough princess but since that awful day on the inside I am a mess that has a fear of seeing that man and be violated again.

A/N I'm sorry you had to go through the details of the queens death but I thought you should all know

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