Forbidden Mates

Jace Wild, 117-year old vampire prince. He is a bad boy by day and a hard working prince by night. The young prince is yet to find his blood mate but he is starting to expect the worst.

Dakota Jasper, 16-year old daughter of the Alpha King. Just going through her first shift into her new wolf this princess is causing trouble but will take her princess duties seriously. Like Jace she has not found her True Mate.

These two people from two different worlds. Each told story's about the other are matched together destined to change the world must face the challenges that are put against them in order to stay together.


5. mate things


it's been a week since I've seen my princess. With vamps we are able to go a long while without seeing our mates but I am physically in pain from not seeing her. I think it's time that we meet and talk cause weird things are happening and I need answers. Plus I must tell her what it means to be a vampire mate especially a royal. I'll go wander the forest a dawn when my kind goes to sleep, but first I need to eat or I'm going to go on a blood rampage. This pain I am feeling is making me lose my appetite so I haven't eaten a lot this week. I was wanted to hunt so I told my father that I was going out he nodded and I left.i had been hunting for at least an hour before I felt her. Before long my beautiful wolf princess appeared. she ran at me shifting mid air landing in my arms. She kissed me and I felt her relax. I instantly felt better havering her near. I placed her down and we began to talk "Princess we need to talk" "agreed you first" I nodded. I told her what being a mate to a vamp mean she took it very well. After she told what it meant to be a alphas mate.

To be an alpha's mate:

1. Possessive

2. While become the Alpha

3. Will gain markings weather your and alpha or not but alphas have more

4. it is physically painful to be separated

5. There is a physical, emotional and mental bond

6. After you fully mate you can read each others mind and feel each others emotions

7. And finally the male must mark the female giving her their scent. same as Vamps.

After she finished I stared at her blankly. Wow wolf mates are complex. She began to laugh. I watched her confused till he shirt went up a little revealing some markings which made me curious. when she stopped I asked her to show me. when I saw the full extent of her marks I traced the beautiful design. Then something inside me told me that she should only show me were there was no chance of another seeing the marks. I quickly pulled down her shirt and left.


It's been a week since I've seen Jace and it's killing me, it's probably killing him too. he is going to become more Wolfy everyday he's going to become possessive, he will feel pain when we're apart for a long time, we'll have access to each other's mind. it's going to only get harder for me to hide him and as much as I don't want to hide him I have to do it as a duty to both species. This was stressful I need to go on a run. I changed and went outside. I mind linked my father as I shifted. I ran for a bit before catching Jace's scent I followed to a clearing. As soon a a I saw him my wolf took over jumping towards him. I managed to shifted back just as I landed in his arms. I kissed him as my wolf relaxed. He placed me down. He told me that we needed to talk and I agreed allowing him to speak first.

Vampire mates:

1: you are marked

2: the male after finding his mate only feeds from the female and animals.

3. There is a mental connection between mates

4. Only the royal family. Each mate gains one power and one that they share.

Wow there's not a lot to mates with vamps. This seems easy enough. After he was done. I told him about wolf mates. When I was done he had a blank expression on his face he looked really funny. I was able to hold in my laughter for a few seconds before I burst out laughing. When I stopped He asked me to show him the markings. I did at first he began to trace them but the mate instinct must have kicked in and he pulled down my shirt and left leaving me in confusion.

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