Forbidden Mates

Jace Wild, 117-year old vampire prince. He is a bad boy by day and a hard working prince by night. The young prince is yet to find his blood mate but he is starting to expect the worst.

Dakota Jasper, 16-year old daughter of the Alpha King. Just going through her first shift into her new wolf this princess is causing trouble but will take her princess duties seriously. Like Jace she has not found her True Mate.

These two people from two different worlds. Each told story's about the other are matched together destined to change the world must face the challenges that are put against them in order to stay together.


2. Dakota Jaspers


"Dakota get your ass down here" uh oh looks like dad found my latest project.

I put on my most innocent look and walked down to my father. "Hi daddy what's up?" I said sweetly "don't hi daddy me young lady. Care to explain why my hair has went from a black to blonde over night?" I looked up and sure enough his hair was in fact bleached. I held back a chuckle as I acted as though I did nothing. "I don't know why it is that your hair is now bleached?" me dad groaned in frustration. There are only two people that could do this to the great Alpha king and that was me and my mother. I caused a lot of trouble within the pack but I was still a responsible Princess but who said that princesses couldn't have a little fun.

"Anyways Dakota why I actually called you was that there is a high ranking young Alpha coming in an hour and I would like you to meet him, so please go make yourself presentable." I nodded and ran up to my massive bed room. First I picked out my clothes, white skinny jeans, black plaid shirt, brown combat boots, black beanie, a ring with a wolf on it and one with claws. Next, I went into the bathroom and curled my blue and black hair. I put make-up on making my two tones eyes pop. Then I got dressed being careful not to reck my hair. I had just finished when their was a knock on the door.

I ran down the stairs and open the door on the other side was a tall guy with blonde hair and sea blue eyes. "Alpha Reese Jacobs and you are?" He said with a thick Texas accent "Dakota Jaspers" I said plainly "Oh my, your highness I do apologize for not recognizing you" I rolled my eyes any attraction that I had to was gone.

Since now a days wolves rarely ever find there true mates my father has been trying to set me up with various Alphas and it looks like today's not any different. I lead the young Alpha into the living room where my father was waiting. "Alpha king I thank you for allowing me to come into your home" Reese said bowing. I held back my laughter. "Welcome Alpha Jacobs, please sit down and make yourself comfortable" my father said. as the meeting grew on my father pushed Reese and I together more and more. eventually I grew tired of listening to him so I pardoned myself to the washroom but instead of going to the bathroom I quickly and quietly snuck out the back door and ran into the forest.

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