Forbidden Mates

Jace Wild, 117-year old vampire prince. He is a bad boy by day and a hard working prince by night. The young prince is yet to find his blood mate but he is starting to expect the worst.

Dakota Jasper, 16-year old daughter of the Alpha King. Just going through her first shift into her new wolf this princess is causing trouble but will take her princess duties seriously. Like Jace she has not found her True Mate.

These two people from two different worlds. Each told story's about the other are matched together destined to change the world must face the challenges that are put against them in order to stay together.


7. best friends &powera pt.2


I was chilling on my bed when there was a knock on my door. "go away dad"

"Dude open up it's me" the voice on the other side of the was my best friend Andrew. Andrew has been my friend since we were 17. He is my cousin but is also my partner in crime.

I got off my bed opening the door for my long time friend. "Sup man how's it goin?" Titus said giving me a man hug. then came K.C.,Collon, and Newt. last came Niall.

Her parents didn't have any girl names and they wanted the gender to be a surprise.Her and I have been friends since birth it's insane. 117 years an that is why I love her and not in a boyfriend/girlfriend kind of way but a little sister way. She is 117 yrs old.She's a witch. KC stands for Keiryn Christoph. He hates his name. He's a vampire I met him 30 yrs ago at a night club in Ireland. We became friends instantly. He is 115 yrs old. Titus he's special you could say. We don't know what he is exactly but he's not human. He's a great DJ. We met 6 yrs ago when he was DJing and after his show I commented on he work. He's 18. Collon is the boy next door. He's sweet and kind and will help anyone. I know what your thinking "why would a goody goody hang out with such a bad crowd" your your wrong he may sound good but he is a Kitsune and his fox is a sly and a trouble maker. He's the same age as Titus. Last but certainly hard to forget Newt. He is the latest addition. He is an Elf. more specifically the prince. He is a crazy kid he has no responsibility but he's funny. He is 85 yrs old which makes him like a 5 yr trap in a teens body. But don't get me wrong that is a only his people he doesn't know and his parents but when he's around us he's the most chill and cool guy you'll ever meet.

"So you have been a little out of it lately what's got your dick in a twist?" Newt asked. "let's got to the pit and I will tell you" I said quickly. they nodded and we left. We arrived at our hiding place that was deep in the castles basement. we had made it like a second home with furniture and we each have our own room. the living room is where we sat down and I told them about Dakota and how I she a wolf , so it meant that we had to hid our relationship. "dam that's rough,man" said Titus "sorry to hear that man" Andrew said "we if anyone can find a way it's you" said Collon "You have the short end don't sh'a." said KC, Niall just got up/ crying and hugged me,Newt had fell to the ground laughing. I hissed at him but it only made him laugh harder. See what I mean he's a child. "Newt you Twat stop and have some more consideration for Jace." KC said frustrated. Newt finally stopped at least 20 minutes later. "Sorry man I don't do serious well" Newt said sincerely. "No problem but try to control your self more next time." I said. This was the moment I got a call from Micheal a hybrid who is living with the king. I answered "Jace he-" I said before I was cut off "Sorry man but you need to get your ass down her Dakota is on fire." I vamp sped out the door the second he said her name. I followed her scent to a tree house. I walked in to find that Dakota was in fact on fire and she was panicking which was making the flames bigger. I didn't know what to do so I tried calling her name and to calm down but it didn't work. I then I thought I'm a vampire if I burn I can heal. "hey princey trying touching her with wolves and their mates touch usually calms the other down" a blonde boy said to me. so I did she stiffened for a second but then when I place my lips on her she melted into me. I pulled back so I could allow her to breath and found that she was no longer on fire. this must be her power to control fire.Which meant I would get mine soon. "well I guess we know what your power is" I said chuckling.

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