Band Stress || M.C.

'Welcome to Band Stress, the blog about how bands and singers are ruining my social life. Sounds cliché, doesn't it?'

Aspen is the owner of the blog Band Stress. It's a blog about what kind of music she listens to and she posts reviews or just experiences on it. She puts a lot of time in her blog and she really enjoys it.

She loves music and she has a very unique music taste. She also has her own opinion. If she likes bands she has no problem saying it, the same goes for bands she doesn't like. What happens when she meets a band she doesn't like? Does spending time with them change her opinion?


3. Shopping

I wake up by a loud crash and sit up quickly. "What the heck was that?" I ask out loud. I look around and see Chloe, smiling innocently at me. "What did you do?" I ask Chloe, laughing softly. "Nothing." she says and I stand up. I look behind her back and see that she dropped a pile of books on the floor. I start laughing and Chloe looks away, slightly embarrassed. "Sorry, I couldn't get back to sleep and I didn't want to wake you. So, I thought it would be a good idea to read something." Chloe says and I smile. "You should have woken me! You know I don't mind." "Yeah, maybe that was a better idea after all." she says and giggles. I walk over to her and we both sort the books out, putting them back on my bookshelf. Chloe and I smile and go downstairs where a lovely breakfast is waiting for us. "Ooh, pancakes!" Chloe exclaims, running over to the table and sitting down. I laugh softly and sit down next to her. Pancakes are Chloe's favourite. It's so funny to watch how excited she gets about them. We both grab a pancake and put them on our plates. "Nutella!" Chloe shouts and runs over to our cupboard. "Geez, you're way too hyper for a Saturday morning." I say and Chloe giggles, coming back with a jar of Nutella.

"Are you ready to go?" Chloe asks when I'm putting my shoes on. "Yes!" I say when I'm finished, jumping up. Chloe smiles and together we leave my house. We walk over to the stores and go to music store. I pull Chloe with me and find the CD. I take it and smile wide. "It's perfect." I say and Chloe giggles, taking the CD from me. "Chloe, what are you doing?" I ask Chloe and frown slightly. "You'll see." she says and walks up to the register. She pays for the CD and smiles when she gives it back to me. "See it as an early Christmas present." Chloe says and I smile wide, hugging her tightly. "You're the best!" I say and Chloe giggles, giving me a squeeze before letting go. "You're Christmas present will be the best one ever." I say and Chloe giggles softly. We link arms and walk out of the store. "I'm assuming you want to go home as soon as possible?" Chloe asks me and I look at her innocently. Chloe shakes her head and laughs as we walk back home. When we get home we go to my room and of course we're singing along the minute we put the CD on.

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