Band Stress || M.C.

'Welcome to Band Stress, the blog about how bands and singers are ruining my social life. Sounds cliché, doesn't it?'

Aspen is the owner of the blog Band Stress. It's a blog about what kind of music she listens to and she posts reviews or just experiences on it. She puts a lot of time in her blog and she really enjoys it.

She loves music and she has a very unique music taste. She also has her own opinion. If she likes bands she has no problem saying it, the same goes for bands she doesn't like. What happens when she meets a band she doesn't like? Does spending time with them change her opinion?


2. Chloe

"Aspen, could you join us in the circle, please?" the teacher asks me and I nod obediently, sitting down next to her in the circle. "Tell us what you're going to do in your weekend." the teacher says while looking at me. "I don't know. I'm probably going to listen to music with my sister." I say quietly, looking at everyone in class. "Your sister is so weird. She always listens to music." one of the girls says and I start frowning. "Now, now. Maya, that's a rude thing to say." the teacher says, looking at her. "I think the same thing." Isla says as she glares at me. I get up from my seat and walk over to the door. "Aspen!" the teacher shouts when I stand on my tiptoes to reach the doorknob. I open the door and run outside. All the parents are looking at me and start to whisper. I look around me and see a little girl waving at me. I look at the parents one more time before running over to her. "Come here." she says, taking my hand.

"What happened?" the girl asks me as we arrive at an open spot in the bushes. "Just stupid girls." I say, sitting down on a blanket that's laid out. "I know everything about them." she says and sits down next to me. "What did they do to you?" "It's something they said. They told me my sister is weird and they said it's weird to listen to music." I say and pull my knees up to my chest. "I've seen your sister. She's so cool." the girl says and I smile at her. "You shouldn't listen to the girls. I'm sure they'll become like their mothers." "Walking makeup advertisements." I say and we both giggle softly. "I'm Chloe. What's your name?" she asks and smiles. "I'm Aspen." I say and Chloe stands up. "Where are you going?" I ask and she smiles at me. "We're going to your sister." Chloe says and giggles softly, walking out. I stand up quickly and follow her. We walk back inside our school and I see my sister walking out of my classroom. I run over to her and when she sees me she picks me up. I wrap my arms around her neck and nuzzle my face in the crook of her neck. "Hey now, it's okay Pen. It's okay." she whispers quietly while smoothing down my hair. "Who have you brought with you?" my sister asks while putting me down. "Oh, Lily, this is Chloe," I start and Chloe smiles at me when I wrap an arm around her. "my best friend."

It's been two days. Two days since my first ever blog post. I haven't even opened my blog once, nor did I open my email. What if the people aren't used to someone having a strong opinion? What if they don't like my opinion? What if they've posted harsh comments? Anyway, the person who talked me into blogging is Chloe, my best friend. I've always wanted to say what I want to say, but I've never been able to. When I finally decided to tell Chloe about this she said I should start a blog. Chloe own a blog too, but hers is about books. She loves books and tries to make her blog look as awesome as possible. I must say, she's doing just that. She blogs every Sunday and has 6,754 followers already! Her blog is really professional with recommendations, reviews, quizzes and lots more! I'm really proud of her and I hope someday she'll be proud of me as well.

"Aspen!" Chloe shouts, snapping me out of my thoughts. I look up and smile when Chloe walks over to me. I give her a hug and smile. "You need to be careful missy, before you know it I'll be sitting in my room for hours, reading your blog posts." she says and winks at me. We both start laughing and I shake my head. "I swear if you're going to do that I'm out of here." I say and Chloe gasps playfully. "Hey now, I bet you're doing the same thing. You can't resist my blog." Chloe says and we both giggle. "Have you got any comments yet?" Chloe asks and I shrug. "I don't want to look." I say and Chloe smiles, taking my phone. She opens my browser and opens my blog. She scrolls down to the comments and smiles. "I like how you've got such a strong opinion." I smile at Chloe and she shows it to me. I read through the comments and wrap my arms around Chloe. "This is so cool!" I say as Chloe giggles, giving me a tight squeeze before letting go.

"Any new books I need to read?" I ask Chloe, taking a sip from my hot chocolate. "Yes! I think you should read this book." she says, getting a book out of her bag. I put my mug down and take the book from her. "The Princess Spy." I ready out loud and read the back. "Sounds interesting." I say and Chloe smiles. "I told you!" she says and I smile, taking my mug again. I take a sip and sit up. "Shall we go shopping tomorrow?" I ask Chloe while she walks over to my DVDs. "Oh, yes! I really want to go to Waterstones." Chloe says, walking back to me with Frozen. I laugh softly and shake my head. "What? I want to watch it again!" Chloe says and giggles softly. "Girls, are you joining us for dinner?" mom asks, peeking around the corner. "Yep!" Chloe and I both say, going to the kitchen.

"Are you staying tonight?" mom asks Chloe when she finishes her dinner. "Yes, if you don't mind." Chloe says and smiles at mom. "Of course not sweetie. We'll make sure everything is ready and you two can watch a film." she says and looks at dad. "Thank you." I say before putting our plates away. Chloe and I walk into the living room and I put on Frozen. "Oh, I almost forgot!" I say when the film starts. "What's up?" Chloe asks, looking at me. "We need to go to the music store tomorrow. I really want Four on my shelf." I say and Chloe giggles. "We'll get it for you." Chloe says and we both giggle, focussing on the screen.

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