Possessed Doll

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2014
  • Updated: 4 Nov 2014
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Fan's of the movie Annabelle? Here's a short story for you :)


3. True Story

Around 6pm, Claire showed and told her husband, Adam, all the information about Ivy. “To be honest, I think we should replace the doll with another one so Annabelle doesn’t notice,” explained Adam. Claire nodded in agreement.
An hour later, Adam returned from the toy shop with another doll. “Annabelle! Leave your dolls in the room and come for dinner,” Claire called out. As soon and Annabelle started eating dinner, Hazel was replaced with another doll that looked identical but not possessed. Adam snuck out of the house left Hazel outside the house.

Annabelle didn’t notice the difference between her dolls that night. The next morning, Annabelle woke up and went into her parents’ room. To her shock, she found her mother dead in bed with blood dripping out of her mouth a stab marks around her stomach. In fright, Annabelle shuffled backwards when she felt something near her heal. She turned around to find her doll completely wrecked; almost like it was dead and her father breathing heavily. She ran to the nearest telephone and dialled the ambulance and called them over. As soon as she hung up, Annabelle heard soft footsteps creeping in behind her, she slowly turned around…
When the ambulance arrived, everyone in the family was dead, even Annabelle. The next day, there was a newspaper article published with mentioning of Ivy’s death. According to history, Ivy was actually Annabelle’s great, great grandmother and the possessed doll contained a evil spirit of Ivy’s cousin. The cousin’s name was Hazel and she killed herself after her mother gave away her favourite doll.
The truth is, Hazel’s anger was so strong that it caused her to possess the doll and kill however tried to get rid of it…

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