Possessed Doll

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2014
  • Updated: 4 Nov 2014
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Fan's of the movie Annabelle? Here's a short story for you :)


1. Dolls

It was Annabelle’s birthday and she was turning seven years old. Annabelle loved dolls! It didn’t matter to her whether the doll was ugly or gorgeous, she just loved playing with them.
“Happy Birthday Annabelle!” her parents excitedly shouted. They handed her a rectangular box.
She opened the present and to her surprise it was a new doll. Annabelle ran to her parents and hugged them tightly with love.
Annabelle loved her doll so much. The doll was named Hazel, she had plaited long, brown hair, pale skin, green eyes and a white dress with a red ribbon on the middle. Annabelle played with the doll everyday.
One day, Annabelle’s mother, Claire asked Annabelle is she could join the game with Hazel. “Mummy, Hazel, Ivy, would you like some pretend tea?” asked Annabelle. “Yes please but who’s Ivy?” Claire responded. Annabelle pointed at an empty sit and replied, “That’s Ivy Lucifer. The one with her black hair in a pigtail!”
Claire was anxious. She couldn’t tell if this was Annabelle’s imaginary friend or something worse…

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