My last dance with you

The past is something Tiana does not like talking about, distractions to help her forget is easy as she takes on many challenges to push herself to beyond limits. Luke Hemmings has a nice life with a popular and successful band and he gets to see the world. There life's are not completely opposite but they are different in many ways



Chapter 5


Tiana's P.O.V


It been almost two weeks since I have started my dances and I'm leaving tomorrow to fly to Sydney for the comp.


I stumbled out of my bed and made my way down to the kitchen, I ate breakfast and walked back to my room. Today I'm wearing a Blink-182 flow crop top with black waist shorts paired with my black vans. I grabbed my bags, said goodbye to Paige and called for a taxi. I arrive at the airport a little late so I had to be quick when going through customs. After customs I ran to the boarding gate and met miss Jasmine there, we borded the plane and I was worried so much of the plane ride I listened to my music and played with my lip ring.


A couple hours later we have landed in Sydney, I'm extremely nervous and can't stop shaking. I got my bags and we cached a taxi to our hotel which was right across from the auditorium. I checked my phone and the time was 7am and the competition did not start until 12. We got our hotel keys and put our bags in our room, I got my dance and make-up bags ready to go for when we leave.


It's 10am and we start making our way over to the auditorium, I can see a couple of dancers I know but not many. I went to my dressing room to got ready to start practising.


"Hi where 5 Seconds Of Summer and we are very exited to meet all of you lovely girls, we will be looking for a lot of personality and we will not be judging alone as we have 2 more professional judges. Can't wait to see all of your performances! GOOD LUCK!" So there a boy band.. Great.


I was practising my first routine because I was on in two dances, I am doing a dance to "where ever you are by 5 Seconds Of Summer" it was compulsory to do one of there songs, honestly I have never really herd of the band because I usually go for bands like:



Green Day

And Sleeping with Sirens



I finishes my first dance and I think I did well, I got back into my blink top with my shorts because we where having an hour break wich was good. I decided to go for a wonder because all I could hear in the dressing room was " OMG ASHOTN WAS STARING AT ME HE LOOOOVES ME!" I felt like saying they had to stare because they where judging, but I did not want to get a red card, again.


I got my beats head phones and blasted my music to max volume, I'm looking for the vending machine so I can get snacks. I found the goodie and drink machine but they weren't together so I hope I have enough change. I get a packet of BBQ chips from the vending machine and whilst I was turning to go to the other machine a stupid ass bumped into me, he must have been looking at his phone or something and did not see me. I fell to the ground and dropped my phone and chips, I looked up ready to say something until I realised who it was, he was tall, had really blue eyes and a perfect quiff.

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