My last dance with you

The past is something Tiana does not like talking about, distractions to help her forget is easy as she takes on many challenges to push herself to beyond limits. Luke Hemmings has a nice life with a popular and successful band and he gets to see the world. There life's are not completely opposite but they are different in many ways


11. Love Triangle?

Chapter 11


Calum's P.O.V

We arrive at Tiana's house/flat and I’m glad because Luke won't stop bragging on about how pretty and talented Tiana is, I noticed that every time he would say something like that Ash would tense up in jealousy, I don't know why. Luke was obviously the first one to go up to the door, we walked into Tiana's house/flat and it was huge. Her house was in an apartment building all the way at the top so it must be the penthouse, its freaking huge. Tiana leaded us into a living type room where two girls where sitting, they both had mid length hazel hair and beautiful eyes.

"Guys this is Mikayla and Kalani, there really good friends of mine and really big fan of you guys" Tiana said pointing at the girls

"Hello nice to meet you" all of us boys said in sync, there was a long minute of silence then everyone in the room  started to piss themselves with laughter. After our laughing fit that lasted for a while we were able to calm down.

"Would you guys like a tour of the house?" Tiana asked in her sweet voice

"Sure" Luke said straight away

"Alright lets go" Tiana said while sitting up


Luke's P.O.V


Tiana's place is huge it has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and three of the rooms have a walk in wardrobe. Tiana also has a music studio in her apartment and it is the biggest room in the house, I guess she really loves her music. After the tour we sat down and chatted for a couple of hours, I remembered that we had news for Tiana.

"Tiana we forgot to tell you something" I started 


“What is it?”  Tiana asked in confusion

“YOU’RE COMING ON TOUR WITH USSSSS!” Ash screamed while charging at her with a giant bear hug, I was mad at him because we had a plan that I was going to say that and hug her because I like her L.

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