My last dance with you

The past is something Tiana does not like talking about, distractions to help her forget is easy as she takes on many challenges to push herself to beyond limits. Luke Hemmings has a nice life with a popular and successful band and he gets to see the world. There life's are not completely opposite but they are different in many ways



Chapter 7


Tiana's P.O.V


He was kinda hot, his lip piercing looked similar to mine but my lip ring has a little black ball at the  bottom so its a little different. I had one more dance to do and that was to thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran, my costume was extremely pretty and simple. i returned back to the  dressing room and my phone rang, i looked at the caller ID and it was my best friend Mikayla.

"Hey Miki, how are y-" i started to say but then got cut of by her.

"BITCH  WHEN THE FUCK WHERE YOU GOING TO TELL ME YOU WHERE GONNA MEET 5 FUCKING SECONDS OF SUMMER!!!!!!!!!" she screamed/ yelled into the phone, and then i remembered she was a huge fan.

"Oh that's right your a fan soz i forgot bro hey man i have to go i'm about to go on and i'm not dressed BYEEEEEE!" i said before should could continue yelling at me. i hanged up the phone and quickly got into my costume.


i got of stage and my heart was pounding, i was nervous of what Luke thought. OMG what am i saying i don't care of what he thought of it.


Luke's P.O.V

That girl i bumped into in the hallway is freaking amazing, i needed to tell the boys that i have my vote all on her.

"ashhhh pssss ashhhhhhh" i whispered/ yelled at him so i could get his attention but at the same time not be too distracting while a dance was going on.

"yeah Luke" he whispered back

"i really like number 6 shes  beautiful and has great technique" i replied hoping he would agree.

"yeah shes good but why are you so eager for this one girl, i mean shes beautiful but you where the least exited about today, what happe-" he was cut off by the producer behind us.

"boys its really rude to be talking in the middle of breaks please be respectful to the dancers" the producer said in a nice voice trying not to sound rude.

"sorry sir" me and Ashton replied in sync


after all the dancers where finished it was time for the interviews and i was extremely exited to talk to number 6,


Tiana's P.O.V

it was time for interviews and i got out of my costume and into my casual wear with new fresh non cakey make up, i was wearing my nirvana  cropped singlet and high wast black jean shorts, i decided to put my lip ring in because it was killing me to not have it in. i took my hair down and put my batman snap back on.


it's almost time for me to go in and i  was confident that i was not going to make a  fool of myself. they called me in and i walked to the door to enter the room, as soon as i entered the room i saw Lukes face light up like a Christmas tree.

"Hi" i said in a confident voice.

"hello again" Luke said, Ashton looked at Luke confused,

"again?' Ashton asked 

"yeah i bumped into her in the hallway when i was  getting food" Luke replied

"oh when you didn't get me food' ash said jokingly

"yeah then" Luke said 

"anyway please take a seat miss...Tiana?" i'm guessing who the producer was said.

"Ok lets get started, i'm the producer and the director of this competition my name is Bryan and i will be helping select the winner of the competition. now i will let the boys introduce themselves and ask you the questions. have fun" Bryan walked out the door and left me with the four boys.

"HI I'M MICHAEL!!!!!!!!" one one the boys with bright red hair screamed, i jumped with fright then started to giggle.

"Michael don't scare the girl" Ash said 

"i'm Ashton the drummer" Ashton had the most amazing eyes in the world, i knew who ash was because he is a really good drummer and i look up to him.

"i'm Calum the bassist" a boy with brown with blond strips said.

"and you know who i am" Luke said

Oh god let the interview begin 

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