My last dance with you

The past is something Tiana does not like talking about, distractions to help her forget is easy as she takes on many challenges to push herself to beyond limits. Luke Hemmings has a nice life with a popular and successful band and he gets to see the world. There life's are not completely opposite but they are different in many ways


18. Hello Again

Chapter 18 – Hello Again


Ashton’s P.O.V


I’m still upset about Luke and Tiana dating but I know it will make them both happy and that’s what I want more. I do have a small crush on Tiana because I think she is just such a perfect human, she’s so pretty, has a great personality and she is really musical which I love. My thoughts got interrupted by that amazing voice I love,

“Hey Ash” she said while jumping on our bed

“Hey T, are you moving your stuff out of our room today?” I asked

“What, no I’m staying in here with you” she said with her amazing smile.

“Oh sweet” I said softly really happy she is staying.




Calum’s P.O.V


I just got off a phone call with management because I needed to ask them a very important question. I then dialled a special number hoping they would pick up.

“Hello?” the voice said on the other line

“Hey Miki, do you want to come on tour with us?” I said with an exited tone.

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