My last dance with you

The past is something Tiana does not like talking about, distractions to help her forget is easy as she takes on many challenges to push herself to beyond limits. Luke Hemmings has a nice life with a popular and successful band and he gets to see the world. There life's are not completely opposite but they are different in many ways


12. dem feels tho

Chapter 12 -Dem Feels Tho


Tiana's  P..O.V


I was extremely nervous about going on tour with the band, i honestly don't know what to think. Luke seemed odd like he was jealous of something, maybe it was the fact that ash hugged me, I don't know. My thoughts where interrupted by Luke tapping me on the shoulder.

"Hey" he said 

"Hey" i replied 

"Are you exited" he asked looking into my eyes

"Noooooooo not at all" I replied sarcastically while giving him a playfully punch on the arm.

"awwwwww" he said back with fake puppy dog eyes. I stared at him and then we both busted into laughter. Ash walked in and just looked at us like we were a bunch of weirdos.

"Hey ash" I said while still laughing,

"Hey T, umm our manager just called and asked if you would be ok with leaving tomorrow?" He said looking into my dull blue/ grey eyes with his amazing green/brown eyes.

"Yeah I should be ready by then"  I replied with a big smile.




I remembered I was all packed and ready to go so I decided to go into my music studio and continue with writing my song. Miki and Kalani where in the lounge room with the boys, they wanted to get to know them personally since they were such huge fans. I was on my guitar sinning to the almost finished song I have written when I realized someone was standing at the door, it was Luke. I started blushing because a cute amazingly talented singer was listening to me sing, I’m also quite embarrassed because the song is horrible and so is my voice.

“Wow that was amazing, your voice is so beautiful” Luke said which made me blush even more.

“No I’m not really that goo-“I was interrupted by Luke’s phone going off.

“Sorry it’s our manager I have to take this” He apologetically said then walked out of the room. I don’t know what it is but Luke makes me feel weird like there is penguin’s sliding around in my belly.





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