My last dance with you

The past is something Tiana does not like talking about, distractions to help her forget is easy as she takes on many challenges to push herself to beyond limits. Luke Hemmings has a nice life with a popular and successful band and he gets to see the world. There life's are not completely opposite but they are different in many ways


8. bad past

Chapter 8


Tiana's P.O.V


 "How old are you" Luke asks me with gummy bears in his mouth.

"18" i answer with confidence.

the interview is going good and Luke wont stop staring at me, i have been falling in deep love with his ocean blue eyes.

"When did you get your lip pierced" Ash asked trying to poke my lip,

i laughed and  playfully smacked  his hand away while giggling "I got it done when i was 14 after my family died" i  said still giggling from Ash but then stopped giggling after i saw there facial expressions from what i  just said.

"Sorry to ask but how did your Family die"  Calum asked with a pitiful look on his face.

"No its ok i get it all the time, my family died in an explosion that was set to kill me but i was the only one to survive" I paused and let a tear roll down my face, Luke gave me an assuring nod so i continued. " my house had two parts to it and the living room was in one and on the other side was my bedroom, i had an older brother and sister that where 6 and 7 years older and they both where married, it was the 11th of December 2010 i was 13 almost 14 in a moth and it was almost Christmas. my mum wanted my brother and sister to come over for a visit and we would eat pizza like old times, when my siblings arrived i said a hello and went to my room to  study, i got a text from mum saying the pizza was there and i text-ed her back saying i would be there in 10 seconds." i paused and realized that i my eyes where soaked with tears but i kept going "i was almost to the dining area but got knocked back by a huge blast, i was unconscious for a small amount of time and when i was conscious i used my best energy to walk out to the dining room i saw all my family dead." i finished then started to cry but needed to hold back the tears because i couldn't be week.

"I'm sorry" Luke said in an apologetic look then gave me a hug, i felt safe again in his arms.





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