How I Met My Sunshines ✨

Here's the story of How I Met My Sunshines :D (I ain't copying the ideas from anyone and please do not copy it )


1. Birthday

Chapter 1

Calum and Luke are both screaming OMG when Ashton grabs my cheek.I saw Michael starring at us enviously.Suddenly,My face and Ashton's face getting closer and closer...

All of a sudden,I heard a strange voice...

'Girl, wake up!' said my maid.

'Just let me sleep for 5 more minutes! Just 5 minutes!'I shouted back angrily.I close my eyes once again and hoping that I can continue my dream with the boys.

Just then,I rouse suddenly from sleep,I remember that today is my BIRTHDAY!It's my favorite day all the time.

'What presents will they give to me..?hmm would it be a 5SOS Merchandise?' I'm just imagining and it brings a beam from ear to ear already.

I ran down to the stairs excitedly to see where are the presents.

Unexpectedly,there's no one in the living room.

I wonder where are my family,i recollect back to last year,uhm when i woke up and they were singing the birthday song to me already.

Where are them?I mutter to myself disappointingly.

I run back to my room quickly before anyone can see my eyes,eyes that are watery red in colour.

After logging in into twitter,I tweeted a tweet to my sunshines that always cheered me up and brighten my gloomy mood.

Today is my birthday,I really hope that you guys will wish me,this would made my day.I love you guys to the max... @Luke5SOS @Calum5SOS @Ashton5SOS @Michael5SOS

Just then,my twitter's notification rang,I thought it will be any of the boys.I was so nervous and my hands are shaking.Even though I always stay up late and chat with them.

I'm so distraught when I saw the notification..

It's just some random strangers wishing me Happy Birthday.

I have to admit that I'm dumb,hoping any members of famous 5SOS to wish me.

Sadly,my dream doesn't come true.

I apologies if there's any grammar mistakes/typo.

I hope that you guys will like it.

And yeah the next chapter will be out soon!

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