The Rockstar Meets The Princess

a rockstar always searching for hes true....he will never know how the fate will do to him if he found hes true love...
princess michar always want to be free and travel the world outside....but hes father don't want it so she decide to walk away with her nanny.....
could there be possibility that the rockstar fall in love with the princess.....


3. The Escape (Michar)

....after the long day that michar have done.she go on her room and talk to her nanny.she explain what her first her nanny is against with it but she explain it to her nanny clearly.after that talk they pack their things and clothes or their escape.


Michar's POV

....i only get what i need.nanny will put something on the guard later so they will sleep."michar are you sure with this?" nanny ask."yes nanny i'm sure" i answer."you know how much i love to go outside and study" i saida."i wnat too met others" i add."okay" nanny said."sleep you need it later" nanny add."okay nanny and thanks" i said.then i go to sleep for tonight.i don't know how long i've been sleeping i just feel my nanny's hands that shaking me and said "michar wake up" nanny said."what time it is nanny?" i ask and rubbing my eyes."it's almost 11 in the evening michar" nanny answer."be ready okay" nanny whisper."yes i will nanny" i answer.i o to my bathroom and wash my face and dry it with towel.then i see my nanny signing at me that it is safe to go.we walk with no sound.i hope nothing went wrong with our plans.we get close to the gate that no one see us."nanny be careful to open the gate" i whisper."yes michar" nanny said.when nanny open the gate we go outside and close the gate.

....this is it michar your life's beautiful here.thank you lord for keeping us safe.may you guide us here in this world."nanny lets go" i said."okay" nanny answer.once i again i look at the palace and said "one day i will come back to here and you will be proud of father and mother.i will prove to you that i can stand in my own feet" i said in  the back of my mind.i wipe the tears that falling in my face."lets go michar maybe someone will see us here" nanny said.then i come close to my nanny and get to the car she rented.we will go to my nanny's place.


....we get to my nanny's place for a half of the day because of the traffic.all i can see is polluted air and smoke of the's good that our car is air conditioned."nanny it is long trip from your place?" i ask."yes pri--- what i mean is michar" nanny said."yes if you have from the palace" nanny add."i'm excited to get there nanny" i said."just rest okay" nanny said."but nanny i want to see the surrounding" i said."okay,me just sleep for a couple of time" nanny said."yes you can nanny" i said."nanny wait i don't know where your place is" i ask."you yes i just look at outside and see if were close" nanny answer.finally nanny told to the driver to stop the car."are we yet there nanny?" ia sk."yes we are michar" nanny nanny paid for our car."lets go michar" nanny said."okay" i answer."be careful michar there are so many people here" nanny said."yes nanny" i said.when we get closer at nanny's place i see two storey nanny went to the stairs and open the door.


Nanny's POV

...."michar we need to clean the house okay" i said."yes nanny i will help you" michar said."thanks we should start" i said."nanny can we find school tomorrow?" michar ask."yes of course michar" nanny answer.then we start clening.i first clean michar's room.i should buy air condition tomorrow i know michar she's not use to the heat from here.after i clean the room of michar i go down and check on michar.i see her sleeping on the couch.i look at her and said "this child is so brave to break her father rule" i said in myself.she is so tired from our trip.i take off her shoe and put her feet on the edge of the couch and i continue what her doing.the next i clean is the kitchen.later i wiil go to the grocery and buy some stock for us and i go to the market to buy some stock that i will put on the tomorrow we will find school for michar.i hope michar will not give up on life outside the palace.i just finish my cleaning so that i will go to the grocery. that michar is outside the palace can she take the life outside and all the consequences that she need to face?what will waiting for her?can she find some school for her?just find out guys.....if you like to comment to my story it's free to you all and gobless us all


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