The Rockstar Meets The Princess

a rockstar always searching for hes true....he will never know how the fate will do to him if he found hes true love... princess michar always want to be free and travel the world outside....but hes father don't want it so she decide to walk away with her nanny..... could there be possibility that the rockstar fall in love with the princess.....


1. Prologue

......i was not believe in the saying but because of her i do believe now.she always make me smile and she always make me cry too.she is the "the baby you light up my world like nobody else" in my life.she my life,sister,mother,grandmother,friend and GIRLFRIEND.

.....she's my everything.there are so many challenges who pass in our life but we all pass that.we all know in ourselves that we lift all the happy moments we've been together.she teach me how to fall in love.she is the one who change me not in physical but also emotional feelings.she taught me everything and don't ever lose hope if you never give up.she complete my life.she is the one who make me happy in my bored life.she the one who really love me true.

.....others say "in love it's not about the PERFECT relationship, but if you were to ask me, it's about finding the REAL and TRUE relationship.we have different world and we know that.we don't need to measure are love in state of our wealth right.we don't be affected in our surrounding when it's come to a relationships.all we know we love each other.

.....there are so many against us.i mean love triangle in our love.there are person who break us apart.yes we feel that kind of treat.but we don't care because all we know we love each other.i never expect she comes into my life.i'm just a normal person who have a dream.i expect just a simple person who come and love me for me.but WOW the Fate is so good.i didn't believe in FATE at first because is only just make by minds.why we believe in that.that i always say.

....but when she come into my life all of a sudden my mind is change.i eat all what i say.yes, all as in all change, because of the people who i never want because she so aarghhh.all of the bad manners she all have.but  NO! i'm wrong again.because i judge her easily.if i change everything, it's my look will be late in that.of course not! i change because of her. is correct to use her from all the hurt i feel? i'm confused. > ____<.it's in our FATE because she's the one who make me happy.there's a playful's depend on you if you don't give up in all challenges in your life.

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